Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sebastian's Ice Cream

First of all, I would like to thank my random readers. *teary-eyed* I just saw my page views and it went to 11k! I did not even saw my page on its 10k mark. I was in a total hiatus mode and yet you guys...*speechless*. Hahaha! I'm sorry. I was busy with my work, and our online shop. I won't promise anything, but I will try. I will try and try until I succeed! Hahaha.:)

Anyways, belated Happy Lunar Year everyone! I celebrated Chinese New Year Eve by sleeping. Hahaha! Sorry. I'm not Chinese but I really like their festivals, charms, and especially food. *food* But on the first day of Lunar Year, my boyfie and I went to wandered for some ice cream stores around. Fermin was craving for ice cream and was curious about the unique flavors offered by Sebastian's. He was into it like a pregnant woman. T_T Hahaha!

Even if I had my airport duty that day, I still managed to wake up early and started my day by eating ice cream. Ice cream FTW! :)))

While waiting for boyfie, I checked what products had they offer.

Champorado at Dilis?! Ice cream Pizza?! Green Mango at Bagoong?! You must be kidding me. All are ice cream flavors! I dare you ang peg! Haha.

Here's the small shop at Mall of Asia. They also have other branches at Katipunan and The Podium. They have sets of chairs and tables inside or if you want some al fresco vibe, they have arranged tables outside.

The prices of the ice cream products is reasonable enough. They have a wide selection of flavors you can choose from! And it is so unique that it is only sold in Sebastian's. I was also shocked with the Hot Pot and Dimsum. I thought it was a real siomai and hotpot. But it was a hot pot of chocolate where you can dip the ice cream wrapped like siomai! Cool! :)

I captured almost all their ice cream flavors. I missed 4 tubs, I think. But I captured the best seller ones. Bestsellers are Sapin-sapin, Mangga't Suman, Vanilla Bean, and Butter Pecan. 

Fermin ordered Sapin-sapin (P100) and I ordered Once in a Blue Moon (P140 because it was artisan). OBM has blue cheese in it topped with honey and walnuts. Delicious! But it has a rich flavor in it that it makes me easily filled and overwhelmed. Fermin also commend that it is not as creamy as Cold Stone's but I think he's biased. HAHAHA! He also thinks I have weird taste because I love the OBM. I love it's salty and sweety combination.


While I was #selfie-ing, he grabbed my ice cream and tried the OBM, but he didn't like it. :o

Overall, I recommend Sebastian's for people who wants to experiment new flavors and exciting products. I was impressed with their creativity in their presentation and product naming. I suggest that they should work up on the flavors so that people won't be easily put-off from too much flavor. :)

xx Kaze.

Post Script:

Visit Sebastian's Ice Cream here:
Regis Center
GF Lobby Katipunan (in front of Ateneo)

4th Flr. near escalator, ADB Ave., Ortigas


SM Mall of Asia
New Entertainment Mall, 2nd Flr. (near IMAX exit)

Also, like their FB Page and follow their twitter @iloveSEBASTIANS for more info. :)

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