Monday, August 19, 2013

ZA Cosmetics is back!

ZA cosmetics is back with a brand new image! <3 They say it was packaged in a blue and yellow setting [maybe I was a grade school with no idea about cosmetics..hehe.] and they were heavily advertised at MTV. Nonetheless, after MIA, they're back! I'm just giddy whenever Japanese cosmetics are catching up with Korean cosmetics. And of course, I am heavily biased in the former one. Hahaha. :))

On the photo: ZA pouch (a promo affair, I bought about 1500 worth of goodies to have one. hahaha~) | ZA BB Cream UV White 12 in 1 | ZA Perfect fit two-way foundation | ZA True White Prismizer

ZA cosmetics are born under Shiseido company, so expect the Shiseido quality on ZA products. Unlike Majolica Majorca, ZA has skincare products specially made to make your skin look whiter, hydrated or younger. ZA cosmetics are made with less grandeur. No royalty designs, no colorful themes. They are into minimalistic feel with a touch of feminine and much cheaper price! (compared to MM and Shiseido)

1. Let's go first with the much loved, BB cream!

Why does it called 12 in 1 though?

It's a moisturizer, foundation, CC cream, BB cream, whitening cream, sunblock [lahat na!] in 1! Hahaha. 
I bought one because I opt for a silky feel of BB cream. It's not heavy to the skin [YES! with the SPF 50+! CHEEECK!!], it blends well (with my hands and sponge), and it promises to brighten your skin tone in 10 days!~ I can't say no to that. And with the price of P425/bottle, worth it!


You can see the BB cream side much whiter and even out! Peg for no-makeup makeup look. It doesn't feel heavy. It feels like it is my second skin already, without the patchiness. :)

You can see the difference when you don't use the flash. But when you look closely, it looks like my true skin was the white one and I just spread a matte brown color on the left side. Hahaha!

Verdict: BUY IT LADIES. It lasts long when you pair it with a finishing powder, mostly 5-6 hours. But it still depends whenever you always touch your face or the weather is not favorable to you. It stays matte much longer than any other BB creams! <3

2. The ZA True White Prismizer

I also bought their prismizer because I was curious of how it promises not just to lighten the skin but to achieve the pearly translucent glow in your face! (First the face, next the whole body naman! Pleaseee?? :D)

I am still waiting to try this on. They have this prism enhancing system that if you use their products religiously, your skin will not lose its vibrance and luminosity. Not just white but glowing white! Forever blooming effect! I will tell you more about this prism care when I completed the whole skincare line. :))) Budget-budget when I have time. Hahaha. Price: P545.

3. The perfect fit two-way foundation!

Do I need to talc it over? :)) 

I was short in foundation when I found this ZA in Watsons MOA. I was excited to try the foundation since it has the same texture with Majolica Majorca's fonda. And they also have the same color map! I found my fonda easily because I had MM already. I am acidic so I opt for one shade lighter of my skin.

Shifting from your old fonda to ZA?

I always use my fonda dry because I have BB cream already on my face, so I don't care if its two-way or not. But if you like to have medium-heavy coverage, opt for wetting your sponge, it stays matte and lightweight to the skin. Price: P395 for the refill, P325 for the casing. MM and ZA have the same scheme in their foundations, you have to buy the refill and the casing separately. Hehe. I thought the casing of MM will fit the ZA fonda refill. #tipidproblems But unfortunately, it didn't, so I have to buy the casing too. :(

They still have their plumping lippies, colorful blushes, lip gloss and liquid foundations! Check their pages regularly for the upcoming products. :) They are now available in Watson Stores and SM department stores. ;)

Visit their page for more details <3: Facebook | Twitter |

'til next post! bisous.
x Kaze.

P.S. Some photos without my watermark was grabbed at ZA's FB page. :)

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