Sunday, January 6, 2013

Long Hiatus and New Years

I've been too much hibernating in my red bedroom for 2 months.. [I'm loving my red bed sheets!] But seriously, my camera has been broken and I don't have any ways to summon my blogging creativity when I don't have good pictures. They're like my encouragement for writing! :( *sob*  But that doesn't mean I'm lethargic in real life, I was just too busy....and lazy. It's one of the bloggers' sickness in which I don't fight - hiatus. HAHA! ;)

Anyways, I would like to greet HAPPY NEW YEAR to my lovely readers! (I hope I still have one after the long hiatus [and pounds again] I got.) I hope 2013 will be as kind as I had last 2012. I always pray to thank God for the blessings and for my family to be safe and healthy this year.

I don't make resolutions because its not in my random fashion to be obediently doing those. I usually look forward and plan on my next journeys of my life this year. Reaching my goals is also like resolutions for me. And it sounds good (not pressured). I am so excited to reach the end of my college years. This means that another chapter of my life will open this year, and I'm getting ready for it. :)

One thing's for sure, the next few months will be debilitating as ever with thesis defense and all. But as a blogger [and as a student], time management is very crucial. And I will try [try lang talaga. T_T HAHA!] to blog even if the pictures will be from my phone. This will be so fun. [*sarcasm intended] I have too many stories to tell you! This January is fully booked too! I hope I can borrow a trusty camera by then.

Speaking of cameras, I'll try to buy a new camera this year or buy a trusty battery on my old one. D: Since new digicams will show up on the 1st-2nd quarter of 2013, I'll wait and make better decisions when I haz the money. HAHA!

New posts will be up soon! :)
x Kaze.

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