Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creative Shot

I finally got the chance to fulfill my mood board last Saturday. The studio was jam packed and we didn't expected other schools to join us. It did slowed down the process when they came. :( Anyways, I just hope the next batch will be warned about the studio's services. The make-up artists were all snob, the photos were amateur [and they didn't have a good eye on angles!]. We hope that the pictures, when they're edited, it'll look passe.

Actually, I realized when I saw my poses and pictures -- OMG. What have I done? I mean, if I insist being a geisha here, I had defiled them! I showed off my skin which is a taboo for geisha's. So as a disclaimer note: I don't represent geisha's in the pictures; And they don't behave like that. HAHA! I'll just be someone who wore a kimono and posed some sexy stuffs. ('Cause I like sexy stuffs and everyone like sexy stuffs. Charaught!)

Allison, Rossette, Me. @ the dressing room.

The kimono I rented was fabulous! It's in midnight blue and it compliments the red obi. I really felt like I turned Japanese. LOL. 

Allison rented an authentic Korean traditional dress. She dressed as a married woman since her hair was tied and she had a fake hair bun on the back. (One that you can see in the koreanovelas.) I even tried that traditional dress!

Told ya. Even if it looks big on me. :D

OKAY. HERE WERE MY SHOTS. Too grainy because it was taken from my friend's cellphone. Too bad I didn't brought a goodie camera. I was disappointed when dad doesn't want me to borrow his camera. #strugglesofadaughtertoherdadwhoisacameracollector/photographer. LOL.
They are all edited (lighting and other fixing).

Small nalang yan ha. Baka ma-Ban ako sa Blogger. HAHAHAHA!

editing credits to Jilliane. :)

My favorite pose. How I wish I have hi-res photo of this. T_T

Bey also tried the kimono! I used the techniques of wearing a kimono traditionally, but I intentionally lowered down than the 3 finger rule at the back because it is sexyyyy. HAHA!

Kimono really looks well on her.

We also have our own BTS/Kulitan moments, we took pictures and made some skits out of it. :D
Upper pic: "Lost in Translation 2: Moshi moshi ano ne ano ne? Annyeong!"
Lower pic: "Sayo ang langit, akin ang lupa, mataya-taya! [Bawal sungki]" 

HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. Korny lang. 

After choosing the best toga, filipiniana, business attire and the creative shot, I felt sad. OH MY, college life passed me by so fast! T_T Babay student life after 3 months!

x Kaze.


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