Sunday, December 2, 2012

Move to the Vibe: I'm part of the history!

I sincerely thank for giving me the chance to walk the runway and be a part for breaking the record of Most Number of People Walking on the Catwalk. I was hesitant to join first because I wasn't ready for this, but at the last minute, I managed to get everything prepared before that huge day. :')

(Grabbed from Mr. Are Abolac)

Congratulations to all of us! The Philippines is now the Guiness World Record holder for having 2225 people in one fashion show! And I'm part of it! Cool! I can now brag this to all of my future children and grand children. (Futuristic? HAHA.)

I couldn't tell you the details of the event since the models were in the backstage, but I heard from that there were 47 people who were disqualified by the Guinness World of Record Rep Ms. Kristie Bennett for not having satisfied the criteria as a runway model. :( I didn't know that. T_T Good thing at that time I didn't, or else I'd back out. Haha! I hope I'm not one of those 47 people.. :c

According again to, the criteria was that the models should: 1) show qualities of a professional model and therefore must be able to walk to the beat with ease; 2) must walk with head held up high; 3) must be able to adhere to the standards of being a model and 4) must reach the point/area of the runway to be counted. (P.S. That was not the exact words.)

HMP. Whatever. All that matters was that I enjoyed the walk. It was a roller coaster ride feeling. :)

We were there from 10AM-9PM. Almost 12 hours of waiting, styling, putting make-up on, dressing up, walking, and mentally preparing and it didn't stop us. It was all worth it!

Here were some photos I just grabbed. I didn't brought my camera so I had to depend on others. :)

 Rehearsal time after the registration. This was tricky. Exhilarating!

 R2R bags. :) I love the clutches more! Too bad I got the tote. 

FUREEBIIIESSS! HAHA! :D We had our free lunch and early dinner and this! And of course being a part of the history. :>

With my blogger friends. :)

I say kudos to all of the organizers! From Glorietta to AVA and to all who participated and exerted maximum effort to this event. Our efforts paid off! :)

xx, Kaze.

Credits: Ms. Jilliance Bulatao,, and Mr. Are Abolac. :)


  1. Bongga! Sayang di ako nakapanood. :| Miss bonding with you guys! :D <3

  2. It was nice meeting you, Kaze! :D

  3. Bakit ka di nkapanood bebe? :( I miss you too! :D <3 Next event ha. I'm just a text away! Lols. ü

  4. WOW!Love,loooove it,honey!;-)



  5. We have a reunion kasi. :| Sayang din nga, di ako naka sali jan. Nakalimutan ko magsubmit. Busy kasi. :| Yes sa next events! Kitakits :) <3


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