Friday, October 12, 2012

Simple Glamour

Another outfit from my entries for Rajo x Parisian Contest that held last month! :) Actually, I got 4 entries for this, the other ones are here and here. This is the 3rd one. Please do check it out! :)

Going back to the outfit, since it was all teamwork, the dress was borrowed from Jilliane and she took photographs of me. :) The dress was simple and has the elegant lace sheer at the back, (I'm shy to post the back one, sorry. :>) like the pattern on my collar part. I paired it with a glitter studded open-toe heels and some accessories. I called it simple glamour because I believe that less is more and this dress shouldn't be covered with more necklaces and such. :) 

I love how this dress hugs my body figure, I know I'm chubby and all but I guess that loving one's body radiates outside. :)) And I'm into 'improving my body' regime recently. (Now, that's positive thinking!)

Dress: Folded and Hung (from Jilliane) | Shoes: Parisian Elegance (From Jilliane) | Accessories: thrifted

I loved that bitchy pose. I could really pull that off since I have snobbish face when I'm serious. Haha!

The closer look of the accessories. Thrifted FTW!

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Thanks random kids! :)

xx, Kaze.

P.S. Credits to Ms. Jilliane Bulatao for the photos and the stuffs. :)

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