Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rajo x Parisian II + Milanos

Japanese culture and arts always fascinates me. From their innovative fashion styles to anime, I always adore their courage to strut their statement. This is the individuality of the Japanese to strive, work hard and play harder. :)) Maybe because of my name, which is a Japanese word that translates as "wind", it made me really close to the Japanese culture. I sometimes wonder if I had lived in Japan in my past life. It sounds so cool. Haha. My love for Japanese culture never fails to surprise me, for starters, like this event from Mr. Rajo Laurel. He infused my love for shoes and Japanese culture into one! Nihon Ai! Banzai!

The party was catered by Bizu and Swizzle Mobile Bar. The desserts were sumptuous! Just like the last show, they also had a mobile bar and they also had more desserts! The place was jam packed when we got there.

The cocktails and mocktails available. :) They showcased their cocktails in Japanese theme. Whew. All around Japanese. I'm turning Japanese. Haha!

I was also with my ever best fashion friend, Jilliane, and of course our blogger friends, Maria and Lycah. :)

The socializing lasted for an hour and after that the taiko drummers performed, creating curiosities and gathering guests forward.

Behind those taiko drummers was a door that leads to this runway. I never thought of this! Genius. :) It's a maze pala. :))

Before the models sashayed the runway, Mr. Raymond heated up the audience and acknowledged Mr. Eugene Saw of SM to give a simple talk about the event.

The acrobatic exhibition. I was in a lucky position beside the photographers of the event to take cool pictures while being really sweaty all over that time. Thank God for instant runway show. I knew I couldn't hold on to that camera for long. My shoulders ached after the runway show.T_T

The Milanos collection. The men's collection was Japanese-inspired too!


Ms. Ashley did a great job! I thought she was a real geisha when she performed. :o

See? :)

I fell in love at first sight of this pair. I knew that time that it was my sole-mate. Haha! I even searched those shoes first when the shopping party began. :))

This was Jilliane's love at first sight pair. I couldn't agree more! :)

I love their real Obi's! I wish I have one. :( Kimono's and Obi's are really expensive in Japan, (much more for the authentic ones!). I'll buy one in the future when I have lots of money to spend. Haha!

The shoes were stunning. I love the black satin on the skin of the model! Classy.

I LOVE the gown, the timing when I photographed it, and the shoes. Period. I love taking pictures of people moving, or any inanimate objects in action, seeing them makes me feel alive, candid and invigorating. :)

After the quick runway show, Mr. Rajo thanked everyone that made his life easier and made this event memorable. :)

He also explained his inspirations from Japan. He went forward and further explained more, then he invited the crowd to begin their shopping party! (Another door opened, of course.)


This was the best seller, I think. It's like a hot pancake! I saw every girl in that event trying to fit into these shoes that day. Including Jilliane and me, of course. :))


The Obi shoe has a tassle on the back. Sugoi ne!

Back: Tao | Front: Kabuki


This was my favorite pair. :') I had the pink one. Kawaii!



Sakura (This has also the tassle peg on the back!)

Left: Samurai | Right: Ninja

My fashion friends along the way. :)

Look at me! I'm a one happy girl with my Sayuri shoes! Thank you Mr. Rajo!! :3

Sensei Gunmetal. I was trying Jilliane's shoes. Haha!

With one and only Mother Becky, Divine Lee! :3 Due to too much excitement, I forgot that I was still in Jilliane's shoes. HAHAHAHA!

With the Master mind of this event, Rajo-san! :)

We had a deal with Jilliane when the contest from Rajo x Parisian started. We both joined in the contest, and luckily for her, she got in. And guess what? She was also one of the Top 3 to have 2 free pairs of shoes in the event! The deal was whoever wins; the other one will have one shoe and one pass. Talk about win-win situation here. :) I photographed her pictures and vice versa. Fortunately, it's because of her that I got in! :) Thanks Yhan~! Next time ulit! Teamwork is dream work! :3

I looked like a ballerina here. Haha! I was wearing the last season's collection! I love it. Supporting Rajo-san all the way! :)

After the event, my friends and I went to J.Co to have some yummy Alcapones and Frap. We also talked all  night until J.Co closed! Hahaha! I miss them. We met Maria and Lycah from the 1st collection of Rajo, ever since, we exchanged numbers and became friends. This had become a tradition for us. I hope Rajo or Parisian will have another collection to die for! Kyaaaa~

Japan: the land of the rising sun.
Despite the recent turmoil in their economy, I believe Japan will recover soon enough.
Gambatte Japan! <3

kaze, xx

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