Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quick Styling

Last thursday, I was tasked to accompany my brother and his fiancee on Ongpin to buy their gold wedding bands. It was exhausting, but fun! We went into different shops and looked for the best wedding rings for the couple. (and the authentic one.)

TADA! :3 Cute eh? It makes me feel like I want to get married too! :))

It's a two-tone wedding band. Standard. Diamond Cut on the white gold part.

I also joined them in their search for the best white outfit for their civil wedding. We went to the nearest mall in Ongpin and stopped by at the department store and some boutiques.
Okay, I know what I did was illegal (I think so) so I'll make these pictures small. Hehe. This is for sharing purposes. :3

Since its only a simple and civil wedding, my sis in-law wants a simple outfit in white. I don't want to make her a nun, so I opted to combine black in white in her pants. In the picture, the pants should be fit, but it wasn't in her size so it looks bulky and old to look at. If it is paired with heels, it'll look simple and glam. 

This top was my favorite, but its in sheer type of clothing, I can't make her wear that.

The gold lining in the sheer top.

She liked it, but she wanted a dress so I gave her a peplum tube dress. It looked good on her! I had no pictures but we both liked it. :) We made that tube as the 'last resort' option since she wanted to look for other dresses.

And this is the final dress..

I apologize for the grainy pic. T_T Hehe.

We bought that dress in Occasions. The first time she saw it, she wanted it, and she got it. HAHA!

On my brother's outfit, he bought a black coat in Solo, and he will pair it with white undershirt. He will also be in leather shoes. :)

xx, Kaze.

P.S. I am currently in Subic! <3 I will share to you my travel diaries sooner! I also did their mini pre-nup photo shoot. Rain check random kids eh? :)

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