Saturday, October 20, 2012

H + J Pre-nuptial Mini Shoot

By the time you're reading this, I am currently preparing for their civil wedding as their not-so official photographer. (Just because no one will volunteer! And dad will just let me be. Haha.)

Yesterday, I got a chance to shoot a mini pre-nup on my brother and his wife-to-be. It was my fault and my idea to come up with this, so they finally agreed with the plan. Without any haste, I arrived in Subic a day earlier from their big day to shoot. Coincidentally, they bought a custom made couple shirt and I thought it was a good idea for them to wear it. I also looked in the free port zone for locations, and I want the carnival as a place for the shoot but due to time restrictions, we opted for the Lighthouse in Subic and its bay. We waited for the sunset, but unfortunately the sun wasn't setting in the way I wanted it. So tiis ganda ang peg! Hahaha.

My mood board were pictures from Mango Red, Ian Santillian and N. Uy, they're my favorite photographers, and I like their style. They do have themes per couple, but what I really liked most was the Victor and Maggie Wilson-Consunji Pre-nup [from Mango Red], it was so sexy and the pre-nup was all raw and B&W. Kudos to Mango Red! How I wish I could be a part of their wonderful team. T-T

So it was just me, a Canon 1100D and my inspiration from my mood board last night that I got that confidence in myself that I can make it. LOL. I was feeling frenzied taking pictures of them. :)

After the pre-nup shoot, we went to Pier One and drank cocktails, then ate at Coco Lime, then went home to my sis in-law's house.

So here's my teaser since my brother was tired from the ordeal that day, so the pictures were not final pa and I just picked my favorite parts from the shoot to include it in here. Enjoy!

This is my first time to cover a mini pre-nup shoot. Plase bear with me! :) Used Camera: Canon 1100D, 18-55 mm, ISO 400. All are processed (minor lang naman) and resized to 1068 x 712 (para mabilis ang upload, haha).

with much love here and all around, Kaze. <3

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