Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grunge Chic

This was what I wore last Rajo x Parisian II event! Ever since the first collection, I admired Mr. Rajo Laurel's taste in his creations, especially in the shoes department. :) So when I had the chance to be in part with the 2nd collection, I didn't hesitated to wore my ever trusty heels that day and to show support for Rajo-san. Jilliane also wore her red heels that day. :) 

It was tedious and exhausting to look for a dress in Forever 21 at the Mall of Asia! I almost tried every single piece of clothing that I could to find the perfect one. Thank God for shopping friends, it maximized my time and effort! Oh well, the efforts were paid off, and I decided to buy this black peplum dress from F21. :) I love peplum dress! This body hugging, illusion making dress makes my body slimmer and leaner. I'd love to have a closet full of different kinds of peplum styles!

I paired the black dress with Forever 21's gold accessories. I know I'm a thrift buyer for accessories, but I won P2000 GCs on F21 from Ms. Vern Enciso's giveaway and I can't help it but to shop everything to spend the amount immediately! :) Anyway, the blue gold necklace was a cool monochromatic breaker for the black outfit, and I added some gold earrings and bracelets [oh, this time, its thrifted na. :)].

I heavily focused on the eyes part of the make-up. I made a smoky eye effect I've been practicing for ages and I opt for the nude pink lipstick I bought in Avon to make my lips slightly colored and not pale.

I called it grunge chic because I evoked the inner rocker chic in me. Though grunge means untidy fashion mostly related to rocker fans, I didn't peg the untidy part. HAHA! Sorry. I'm a neat freak.

I tried to pose a fierce one. It looked scary and beautiful at the same time. XD

Peplum Dress: Forever 21 | Blue/Gold Necklace: Forever 21 | Other accessories: thrifted | Shoes: Rajo x Parisian 1st collection

Please hype this on Lookbook: here. And there's something wrong with the Chictopia page. I can't upload my pictures. T_T Hehe. 
What do you think with my outfit? :)
xx, Kaze.

P.S. Credits. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. *wink*


  1. That is one gorgeous dress! :)

  2. Thank you Daphne! <3

  3. You look so pretty! Great look :) I'm following you now :)

  4. thank you! i followed you back. :)


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