Monday, October 15, 2012

Folded and Hung | Famous Salon

I've never been into high-end salons to get a haircut until last month. I always tend to go to a salon nearest us, and its more cheaper. But things changed when I had been curious to try these high-end salons last month and out of all the names listed in my to-do planner, Folded and Hung Salon mystified me. Last September 17, I went to their newly opened salon in Robinsons Ermita and this small quaint salon was their main front line.

ANGEL LOCSIN! :) I love her body. I'm inspired to have her body as soon as possible. That voluptuous Marilyn Monroe image. HAHA!

That was me, asking about the prices, the reception is on the right side and they have a mini bar/refreshments on the left for the clients. They also sell mini snacks too!

One of the working area. It was refreshing to the eyes, and the salon has the ambiance of "we do strictly business" appeal. Others might not want that and opt for a girly type of salons but unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I like minimalism/structured interior designs like these one. It feels like functionality and direct. Check!

I decided to had my haircut that day. I was assisted by Marky, and he was a good hairstylist! 
There are 3 kinds of stylists in the salon. They offer a P250-P350-P450 price range that depends on the hierarchy of the stylist. Marky was in the 350 range. I forgot what do they call themselves in that position, but I am very sure about the price. :)) Senior Stylist? Junior? Creative Director? Huhu. Sorry! I forgot to ask!

I told him to cut my hair layered with side-swept bangs. And I told him that I wanted to remain the length of my hair. Marky, unlike others, didn't refused my suggestions and he was happy to serve me. :))

I love their denim on denim uniform! Very unique! :) That's Marky and me. (in my uniform! Gah!)

And this is the final product made by Folded and Hung salon! I was disappointed that my hair was back to straight when I washed it the next day (Feel ko kase ung naka-blower ang hair! HAHAHA.) but Marky warned me all about this so I have been managing my hair on how to take care it every now and then. People have been commenting how gorgeous is my hair recently, I always tell them, "Courtesy of FnH Famous Salon!" :))

Salon Ambiance: 5/5
Employees/Staff: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Final Product: 5/5

Try to visit the salon and see for yourself! As far as I know, they're going to expand more in other malls. But just to make sure, go to Robinsons Manila. They're located on the third floor Adriatico Wing besides Fitness First and near to Sbarro. :) Like them on Facebook: Folded and Hung | Famous Salon and follow them on twitter: @FHFamousSalon for more updates and promos. :>

Share some gorgeous haircut moment! (I sound like I am in a commercial. Haha.)
xx, Kaze.


  1. Actually, the interior doesn't use minimalism. But it really is amazing, it has that eclectic feel brought by the fusion of vintage and modern.

  2. Yes. I realized when you said it. HAHA! Thank you! :) Pasok sa banga ang description mo. :D


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