Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Floral Mania

(Tyra Banks must be proud! Haha.)

Dress (used as a top): Thrifted | Skirt: from Jilliane | Loafers: SM Parisian (from Jilliane's) | Hat: SM Accessories | Accessories: Thrifted

This was one of the outfits created for the Rajo x Parisian contest entries. Unfortunately, due to my unconvincing luck, I didn't got in but Jilliane did! :) We had a win-win deal over this and I was happy she got in and won 2 pairs of shoes from the newest collection! She did brought me as her plus one in the event and gave me her one pair of the shoes. Sweet luck. :)

I overused this floral dress that I used as a top this time. T_T I noticed that in every event I went these past 3 months, I always use this floral dress as a top or a sole dress in heels. It was a challenge for me to create a new look to this. This time, I paired it with Jilliane's vintage skirt. The loafers I wore completed the look as a "lunch date" peg. Not so bad huh? :)
If you follow me at Chictopia you can see there that I had other looks that I used the dress as a top. :)

For the accessories, I am a sucker for anything thrifted since I am a college student and I always budget my allowance. Thrifted accessories ftw! These were from Divisoria. :)

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Thank you!

xx, Kaze.
P.S. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. Check out her blog too! :)

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