Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Belle De Jour Fair

Belle De Jour Power Planner is a planner that is tailor-made for empowered women, career driven girls, or someone who wants to be organized and saved lots of money through coupons. I'm a bella since 2011. So this Belle De Jour Fair 2012 was memorable to me because it was my first time coming and interacting with other bellas too!

Let me tell you a secret, before this frenzy fair, I joined to their go-see for the runway at the BDJ Fair. Unfortunately for me, I didn't got in. The go-see was my motivation to come and see the runway girls that day. (But I didn't. Haha.) No bitter feelings! I got the feeling that I won't make it e. At least! I won 2 new friends that day. Neeca and Star. :) I'm still blessed I had created connections and bonded. We ate at Sbarro with Neeca and talked all the way! We also accompanied her friend Ces, to get her haircut.

Neeca and me while waiting for Ces. :))

OKAY! Let's get back to the Fair day. It was sunday and I really need to break myself from all of the dressing up parts of my life. I tried to be fashionable that day with a cream silk shorts and a top. ;)
I arrived on the location at noon, and my companions, Jilliane and Hope, were there already. The place was jam-packed and excited! Then, we registered, got our loot bags, and hopped on the Tarot Card Reading booth, but alas! We have to be in time for the Blogger's Extraordinaire talk with Ms. Patty Laurel and Ms. Tricia Gosingtian so we have to sacrifice that little line that time in that booth. :(

Me, Jilliane and Hope.

Ms. Patty Laurel's talk was very inspirational. I got the feeling that I want to be a traveller too! And she gave us tips on how to save and travel like her. :) Simply, just plan ahead of time and save ahead of time when travelling. Research on the place and its culture. And last, immerse yourself to the scenery. :) Follow her on twitter to see more tips! @pattylaurel

In Ms. Tricia's, I admired her awesome background of achievements! Being a photographer first then turned into a fashion stylist/model, it was a change of careers for her and I admire how she can still be best of both worlds! She gave us tips on how to be a good blogger, branding yourself and how to market your blog.

I also won a pair of Salad jeans from Bauhaus from a raffle draw! :) So happy.

After the talk, we visited some participating booths. We went to the City Delivery booth and won a drink and an umbrella. Then we went to SM Parisian and talked to Mr. Von Jorelle, who he recognized Jilliane from the Rajo x Parisian 2 event last month! :)

After we ate, we headed straight back to the tarot card reading booth. We spent the whole day waiting in line. T-T But it was worth it! Beautiful and positive readings. How I wish the answers from my question number 4 will come true! *excited*

Super waiting in vain ang peg ng tarot card booth! Haggardness all over!

It was 7 PM when we were finished from the tarot reading and all. It was exhausting. We headed to the entrance section to meet Hope again and her friends. Done some simple outfit shooting. And went home. :)

Top: thrifted | Shorts: Chicabooti | Shoes: Tomato | Bag: SM

I love the fair! Hope you had much fun than we were. ;)
Until next year! <3
xx, Kaze.

Credits to Ms. Hope San Pedro for the pictures. :)

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