Saturday, October 13, 2012

50 Shades of Blue and Purple

This was the last outfit I made for my entries. (If you're new to the series of my outfit posts, you can check the back posts related to this: 1st one, 2nd one and the 3rd one.) Being an avid reader of 50 Shades of Grey [but not a fan, I want some clarifications about that. :D], I came up with the idea that I based my outfit title to the book I had read. That's why I called it 50 Shades of Blue and Purple. How ingenious. :)

About the 50 Shades series.. I never realized the high amount of scenes and shocking descriptions in the book, especially the second one. Though I haven't had read the 3rd one, in my opinion, the 2nd book was exhilarating to read! Adult novels are no new to me, being a book reader since high school, I have encountered different kinds of these novels, from true stories of the comfort women (oh yes, detailed,  it sucks) up to the shallow ones. One good novel I can recommend to you for starters is the "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho. I've been a fan of him since I had read his "The Alchemist". He discusses the true nature of our sexuality with an educated approach. It's beautiful and a bit liberated, but trust me, no one can describe an open secret topic than he does. *wink*

Going back to the outfit, the blue A-line dress was also borrowed from Jilliane. She suggested some clothes and I styled it the way I wanted it (with her approval of course), and this was how it looks like.

I loved the dress plus the fact that its in my favorite color so I paired it with gold accessories to achieve that "sosyal" peg of a ballerina. I wore the Rajo x Parisian shoes again because the straps in the feet looks like the straps that ballet shoes have. I still pulled my hair down since my hair had been rebonded and I want the persona of that ballerina to let loose of her perfect bun hair. :) I always peg simple/elegant styles! T-T This concludes the observation of everyone that I love outfits that are simple and approachable to others yet comfortable to the user. Haha! (Nagpapalusot talaga ako. Sorry! Amateur lang! :)))

Dress: From Jilliane's | Accessories: Twinkies Inc. | Shoes: Rajo x Parisian 1st collection

Thank you Twinkies Inc. for the wonderful gold accessories! Egyptian/Greek ang peg! :) Try to visit and shop! I'm sure you'll find other treasures too!

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Thank you sooo much random kids! <3

Tell us your Goddess/Ballerina peg outfit/moment!
xx, Kaze.

P.S. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. You know what to do! *wink*


  1. Cute! This outfit has awakened my want for shoes! I have been seeing those Rajo shoes everywhere! I wanted/want those in red but I never got the chance to get them. And now there's the new collection pa. haha! Want shoes!

  2. Meron ding red boots sa 2nd collection. I love them! :3 I have to think of an outfit that suits it. Buy na habang available pa! :)


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