Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cakes and beyond!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (last week. hahaha)

I had my simple celebration of my birthday with my college friends last two weeks ago. We ate at Zarks Burger, hanged out at Noriter Cafe and spent the rest of day lounging, talking and discussed our thesis title. Hahaha.

Another year older and another year wiser.

(L-R): Me, my Boy, Rossette and Allison

(L-R): Kristina, Jilliane, Shikina

The cake hunting ended up with cupcakes. Haha! I couldn't choose from any of my options back then. My latest discovery was Sophie's Mom cupcakes and I fell in love with their dulce de leche (the one with the candle). I asked my Boy to buy it for me. (as a birthday gift) Such a sweet boy. :') And I do not have regrets for having my cake as a collection of cuppy cakes. :3 So cute. And there was no uneven slicing of the cake! Everyone got their fair share of the cupcakes. Thanks Sophie's Mom. :)

Zarks Burger was our savior from our hungry tummy. Their burgers were so big that after I ate it, I really feel satiated. Damn. The P150 was well spent that day. That was the 2nd time I went there. The place was still covered with the smell of burgers and it would leave you smelly the whole day. Hahaha. On a very light note, the place was still jam packed as ever! They should've extended their place sooner. We waited for almost 20 minutes just to have our turn to be served. D:

And now, the roster call for the burgers:

The Rock Bottom. I forgot to take the opinion of my friend who ordered this! Grr. Sorry.

The Blue Cheese. I got a very bad review from my friend that day. The cheese was smelly and she didn't like mushrooms. She didn't enjoyed the food. I tasted it after she ate the half of it, and I think the taste is good, but a bit sour and gooey. D:

The Shaq. I think this was good since it had a caramelized onion chops. (Please do correct me if I am wrong.)

The Three Pointer. Why? Cheese, Meat and Spam. LOVE IT.

The Black Mamba. This was what the random kid ordered. The special black sauce was not black in color, but dark brown and it has a barbeque taste in it. Plus it is a little bit spicy and flavorful. A must try. :)

The Burger from Hell. Ah. One regret. My friend thought that she can handle the heat. But she gave up and tried to remove the chili bits. After that, she still didn't ate the half of it. Pity. :( She shouldn't have dared! But oh well, now the lesson's learned. Let's just move on. :)

After we tried to eat everything from our plates, we rested a little bit and headed at Cafe Noriter. :) Cafe Noriter is the best place to hang out and bond with your friends, or even with your lovey dovey! Check them okay? :)

This is the place to be. :)

After eighteen years of my existence, I learned that everything takes time and patience. Wisdom comes out when you think you don't need it. And you'll even agree to the cliches made by other people like living the life you wanted or to stand firm on your decisions. I even laughed at myself back then because having the emotions needed to relate their cliches, I felt stupid and ignorant. But it takes a perseverance and determination not to waver you heart and mind when you think about things that happened, happening and will happen in the future. Stick to your decisions and be with yourself. Cry if you want to, complain of they have offended you, and most of all forgive and forget. :) Do not let the past be your hindrance to make you happy today but take it as a lesson, to be careful and wise at all times.

Always think that what you do best today, will put you in the best place tomorrow. 

Have a BERy nice month to all of us,
Kaze xx


Cafe Noriter is located at 2nd Flr. Reyes Bldg. Estrada St.Cor.Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila. (Upstairs of Tapa King). It is a creperie and a breakfast and bruch resto.
For more info, check them here.

Thank you. <3

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