Friday, August 10, 2012

What Happened?

It's been 3 months since I've been missing in action for some blogging. The reasons why I didn't blog until now is because of sudden spur of laziness at the moment. Haha. Sorry. But that's not the only reason; I was also in an adjustment phase since June. This made me depressed for quite a long time. Schedules, dates, assignments, reports and some silent wondering of what I am supposed to do [with my life]? The beginning of my Senior Year brought me to a realization that I ended things between some part of me and some part of who I am now; and the first few months were debilitating to see that I am empty and unclassified. Just like I was in my frosh days.

But things are better now. :) The free time that I have is dedicated to my love ones, the real investments. And I am happy that I get to know myself everyday. And that I can build my long-term goals without any external conflict in my head. Though there are some disadvantages, I chose this path. And it's time to move on and stick with my decision[s].


Oh well. Nothing much. Watching TV. Studies. Strolling in the mall. I gained 5 pounds for this. (Or maybe even more! I don't wanna count pounds today.) Dates. Watching series or movies. Food tripping! Phew. Life was static. HAHA!

Here are some of the things I wanted to share in the past but I couldn't write that day because of some circumstances that made me incapable to write a sensible post. (I'm trying!):

My new LG Phone!

Before the school year started, I bought myself a new phone! :) It wasn't in the wishlist last time. But when I first saw it, I couldn't get enough of it. I really needed a new phone. So I bought this LG L3. It's cheap and reliable for a smartphone. (P5,990)


The world's flavorful :) Yes, I can only commend the skin, since it's the only thing that's flavorful. :l Oh well. The flavor is sweet and a bit salty. But I love it! See that big mouth over there? Haaay. Hahahaha! I'm still craving for it, whenever I see this picture and reminisce. LoL.

Mochi Creme

Last May, I stumbled upon this kind of Japanese-ish Ice Cream shop in MoA, where their products are in big-hopia-sized but cake-priced, ice cream. :) It was worth it. I love the red bean flavor! You guys should try this! <3 <3 <3 (Prepare for its killer price though)

Bye bye Haagen Dazs. :(

Last June 30, Haagen Dazs finally ended their business branch at Rob Ermita. They also gave free ice creams for this. We were so sad because of the sudden drop of sales of HD [Robinsons P.Gil] that they needed to downsize their operations. I also felt the sad faces of the staffs because they'll be jobless after. Haay. HD is still available in other malls btw. (Greenbelt is one of them.)


I love this series! I'm officially addicted to this! I love Emily and her schemes. I'm still waiting patiently for the Season 2. Nonetheless, you should try to watch Season 1..You'll get hooked. ;) It almost ate up my free time, and even my study time back then. Haha.

Chatime and the Final Verdict!

Last May, We went to Chatime to end my arguments between, Gong Cha, Happy Lemon and Chatime. I love their QQ Milk Teas! I also went to SM Manila and they offer new flavors, like strawberry and snacks like chicken chops and fries. :) The final verdict is as simple as this: GC=CT>HL. Got it?
Why? Because GC is IMHO, is better in making flavorful and rich tasting milk teas; while CT makes a whole variety of mik tea, and their mousse has coconut milk in it, try to taste the mousse, it's delicious but I think it's teas are not as flavorful as GC's. On the HL, we're very disappointed, but it's all about the taste. It has a simple taste and we don't taste the tea anymore (on their milk teas ha).. :(

Cakes at Secret Recipe

I love the White Macadamia Cake at Secret Recipe! It's available at P90/slice and P600 for 16 slices. :)
I have to try the other flavors..I'll give you an update for that since this month is my birthday and I need a good cake to eat. Haha!

Mango Alisan Tea from Gong Cha

This is the New line of Milk Tea flavors from GC! It's sweet and fruity like Wintermelon. I suggest that you have to lessen the sugar by 10% - none at all. And try the other house specials as well. :)

Rebonded Hair by Lepelu Salon

I just had my hair rebonded 3 weeks ago from Lepelu Salon. :) I'm so happy. :3 I'm still planning to style my hair so that it's not that boring to look at. But still, I'm rocking this hair! The service in the salon was disappointing though. I have to look for another one after 6 months. :)

I think most of my major events in life recently happen like that. :) Some are just not worthy to share. I'll try to share the other ones in my next post! Stay tuned! :* 

xx, kaze.

P.S. Let us pray for our kababayans for their safety and health at evacuation centers. Offer some help by sending relief goods, be a volunteer or say a silent prayer to those who were severely affected by the Western Monsoon. :) <3 
Stay strong PH. :')


  1. So much good food in one post! :) This is making me hungry.

    1. Thanks Adly! :) Try them all when you visit the malls. :*

  2. Thanks Miss Kaze for viewing my blog! :)
    I followed you back!

    Goodluck to us! :) Godbless!



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