Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friedenshaus Hotel School

When you travel, you need an accommodation that feels like home. That's why accommodation sectors innovates new ideas to incorporate that 'homey' feeling in their hotels.

Friedenshaus Hotel is not an exception. With its basic contemporary feeling of a home, you get the touch of modern Filipino hospitality with a touch of German culture in this establishment.

We stumbled upon this hotel when we were about to have our milk tea bonding at the nearest cafe in Estrada  Street. I was curious so I tried to take a sneak peek but the students from St. Scholastica invited us inside to have an ocular visit to their new haus. :) I forgot the girl's name who accompanied us though! I apologize for that matter. But she was good with entertaining guests. Maybe, she rehearsed her lines very well. :) I didn't bring my camera that day, so I had to take pictures with my phone (a bad move. haha.).

Friedenshaus means House of Peace and Hospitality in the German language. Because of that, they added a touch of German culture in the four-story structure.The hotel school is a practicum venue for their future hoteliers and restaurateurs. They have the basic amenities and facilities of a hotel. Among these are Art gallery Cafe (Cafe Cyrilla), Bar and Beverage, Fine Dining Hall, Conference Rooms (2), Private Rooms, Fitness Gym and Spa, Travel Agency Office and their in-campus Residence Hall.

One of the 2 Kuche or Kitchen.

On the left side is the bar and beverage and on the right side is the banquet hall (150 pax capacity)

This is their Standard Room:

This is their Suite Room:

OH YES. The four-poster bed! Havey. Haha.

This is the Dorm Room for the faculties and staffs of the school:

And this is the Dorm for the Students:

I LOVE THE Red and Black combination of their study desks! :(

Other photos:

One of the residential unit.


After the tour, we were invited for some snacks and drinks from their Cafe Cyrilla. They also have an art gallery inside. Their bread is commendable.

Freidenshaus Hotel is one of the many reasons why the tourism industry is booming and dynamic today. New investments/establishments created means more jobs for our countrymen. This also proves that education in the Philippines is getting more competitive when the industry demands high quality trained graduates.

The hotel itself is not as grandeur as you expect it to be, but the amenities and facilities are there to provide you with their good service and skills. In my honest opinion, the hotel is compact and I think it'll be crowded when there are many guests around. I guess they should come up with a spacious one despite the limitations of space (or maybe the budget).

Try to visit the place and experience the ambiance when you get there. :) Even though it will be mostly run by the students, they are guided by professionals and practitioners in the hotel so it’ll be worth your visit. :)

Friedenshaus Hotel School
St. Scholastica's College, Manila
2560 L. Guinto St., Malate, Manila 1004
For reservations or inquiries, call (632) 567-7686 to 89


  1. thank you for bringing positive view to our Hotel..=)

  2. You're welcome! Very much appreciated. :D Will try to visit again. :)


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