Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's a FUN family day! :)

Ugh, They insisted the Danielle part. Haha!

Loot Bags affair..

My Co-Interns. :****

Registration booth. :)

Last Saturday, I had my whole day enjoying the rides at Star City because of the free tix I got for volunteering in Cebu Pacific's Family Fun Day. :)

That morning, we packed loot bags, strutted our stuff (we gave candies to the participating families in the event) and even sacrificed scheduled duties for the love of work. (echos.) Hahaha. But the 4 hours OJT/volunteering work was a worthwhile experience because of unending cam whoring from my co-interns, and a few freebies from the HR department. :))

I also got the chance to bond with my other close interns and to my boyfie as well. :)

It was my first time to ride the Star Flyer! NKKLK. Hahaha! I thought it was scarier than I thought, yun pala, it was too BITIN! Hahaha. I'd rather ride the ones in Universal Studios in Singapore. XD

Thanks to 5J/Cebu Pacific for the fun-filled day and freebies! I got motivated to do more work in my department. :)

How's your summer random kids? :(( I bet you're having a total RnR in a very white beach nao. Huhu.
Oh well, I have to start enjoying my last days of summer. :)
Ciao. Kaze.

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