Sunday, April 15, 2012

1000 Page views!

I'm having an internet fasting that was way out of the line na. I got used to no internet thing last holy week. And I was addicted to watch movies and series stuff. :D

BUT. I'm glad that my blog reached its 1000 page views! I am too happy for it. Thank you for visiting my blog random kids. You surely are my random fans. :))))) Chos.

TSK. Expect me to make bawi from all the internet fasting. I'm out of that ashram. LOL.
I decided to make giveaways for this, but I haven't got a plan since this was a spontaneous news from the Stats in Blogger. Hehe. :)) The last time I checked it was 900+, and now it was 1000+! Thank you guys.

Well, being a random kid means giving items in a random fashion eh? :))
Just wait and seee!!! :)))

This week I'll be busy with my apprenticeship in Cebu Pacific, but hey, I'll share it you and will try to blog ok? :)

XO, Kaze.