Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zebra Madness

Now maxi dress | Marikai bag

SM Accessories hat | Parisian flats

Thrifted Accessories

These pictures were taken at the Iloilo International Airport. Come on! I don't care with the weird stares from other people. Hahaha!
The maxi dress was a gift from my sister in Australia. It was a challenge for me, since it's my first time to have a zebra printed maxi dress. :) So I pulled off an ethnic vibe by having those gladiator flats (even though it would make me short with that style of flats but I really love the pop of blue!) and some hippie accessories. :)

So much fun dressing-up! :) Hahahaha. :)
xx, Kaze.

P.S. Oh! Please like the outfit on Chictopia and Lookbook. :)

And btw, thanks to Jilliane and Allison for being a photographer of the day. :)

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  1. I super love your maxi dress! Perfect for summer getaways :)



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