Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iloilo-Guimaras Journey Day 3

Finally! Day 3. XD HAHAHA.
We called this day a petiks day, since we only have 2 destinations to go.
We ate Pancit Molo courtesy of lola that morning. SOOO YUMMY! I miss the flavors of visayas.
We headed off to Miag-ao for this UNESCO Heritage Site.

And behooold the marvelous architecture of man. :))) Miag-ao Chruch, Maig-ao

Barcelona lang ang peg!

[The church inside and the patron saint.] Shikina was weird, she told us she don't smile in the church. Ang creepy nya tignan!! The scene inside was breathtaking like it was outside.
There were lay ministers who have been taking care of the church since ages, and when we came they accommodated us by telling the story of how the Miag-ao church was one of the UNESCO Heritage Site. (Very proud visayan here. :P)

With kuya Alvin!

After that we went to Racso's Woodland Resort. :) The owners are also the mastermind for the Garin Farm near there. Since I don't buy soft openings (because of expectations), we went here. 

The entrance fee is 50 php. :)

I was disappointed. When I was a kid, the resort was fabulous. Now, the animals are like malnourished; cages are not maintained. Everything was not taken care of. Even the pool! I don't wanna dip my body over that dirty water. IDK. Sustainable tourism was not implemented in the area. I suggest that they should at least make their animals healthy and joyful. When we were there, I was so sad. Tsk. Or maybe because of the variability of the week, we went there on Monday. Maybe it was attractive, clean and blah on weekends. But I don't think so. :(

We were so tired walking around the resort! Phew. After that we went down to Lola's house for our lunch. And then, we packed up our things in preparation for our last flight that night.
But before we headed straight to the airport, we went to Iloilo Museum.

No pictures were allowed inside the museum. :> Photographers will be disappointed. Haha! But the reason of the locals there is that others may copy the style of the museum. HMMMKAY. :) 

We were late for the 2-hours-before-the-departure rule! 
But it's okayyy, in fact, our last flight was delayed (as usual) for an hour (WTF).
And so we goofed out in the airport, we even took outfit pictures there! Despite the wondering looks from other passengers. HAHAHA!

We landed in MNL at 10 pm. I went home at 11.30 pm. Thank God dad fetched me. I was so tired.

And the whole 3D/2N trip ended with a happier sleep in our comfortable homes. :)

xx, Kaze. :)

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