Monday, February 13, 2012

Bicol Day 3: Shooting Range

Our third day in Bicol was spent in Camp Elias Angeles in CamSur. My uncle has a friend there (whom is the commander in chief). Kuya Chris loves to do firing and fortunately my uncle has connections, so they decided to play and tagged us along. Haha.

(L-R): Sarah, Frank, Ate Helen, Kuya Chris, *the commander in chief there that I forgot his name, sorry!*, my uncle, dad.

He explained his platoons. (IDK. I forgot what these teams were called! Correct me if I'm wrong. :P)

Sir Ricky Amaro, the best teacher in firing! He joined a world competition that made me awed. He teach his daughter to shoot even if she is 12 y/o! :o

Of course, RULES. :) I broke the number 2, hahaha! Because of nervousness. :)))

Kuya Chris trying to get a hold of my dad's gun. :>

OKAY. So this was my part. :)))) It was my dad's .45mm, Sir Ricky taught me how to load, point and shoot. I'm a fast learner so I got so lucky with my first shot. But I don't think I can call it a beginner's luck if I did shoot 3 times at the same hole, didn't I? :))) It's precision and skill. JOKE! *humble* HAHAHA! Look at the picture. I am so proud that I can be in a team! Sir Ricky was impressed too! *humble* XD

The exciting part was handling M16 like a boss. :) I have a soft spot when it comes to aiming at far places, my eyes were blurry. :( And that's the reason I can't shot it on bull's eye. Phew. Tiring. And I have to go there to check! It was raining pa naman, and my jumpsuit is already in muddy condition. D: Hehehe. One of the boys told me that I shoot good, the man could be killed if these target papers were real people. Haha.

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. It was a jumpsuit btw. :)))

Lagged post but I hoped your weekend's okay! 
Rain check tomorrow? Happy Valentines day everyone! :*
xx, Kaze. 


  1. sounds like a fun day! Firing is such a great experience! Tried once and might wanna do it again :)

    1. Oh yes! It's a good hobby, guns are dangerous though. :o


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