Friday, February 3, 2012

Bicol Day 2: The Wedding Day

We woke up at 7 AM. Me and my dad ate buffet breakfast at the Rose Garden of Villa Caceres. The peg of the place was bistros on Paris! I was shy to take pictures of the place we ate, there were so many diners early in the morning! :)

We didn't have the time to enjoy the pool! And we didn't have the proper attire for this. Haha!
Villa Caceres is a 4 star hotel in Naga by the way. :) The hotel is good, clean, and very polite staffs. The downside of our stay is that the elevator is under repair. So hello stairs! Hahaha.

Me and auntie went to the Centro to buy our pasalubongs and stuffs. :)) My auntie haggled so good that a jar of pili nuts of P75 went down to P55! I salute my aunt for this. Hahaha! 

Rice Cake is popping everywhere in the Centro! We bought one plastic (5 pcs inside) for P10. :)

Inside of it was the minatamis na buko, or the bucayo. :o Yummy!

After that, we went to SM Naga to buy Auntie's top for the wedding. I personally hand picked her top! Chos. Hahaha.

After our trip with my auntie, we went back to the hotel, left the pasalubongs on our room, and headed to the Avenue Hotel where the bridesmaids and the bride will be prepped up and ate lunch there. :)

This was the bride's shoes! It was bought in U.K., and its handmade! Cool. I wonder how much that cost...

My hair is very very curly, and thick. Haha. So the hairstylist straightened my hair first before curling the below section. I MISS MY STRAIGHT HAIR! I wonder if I have to rebond my hair now because I'm growing my hair long today. But I miss it! :")

This is the bride, Ate Helen. So pretty! :)))

The final look. Hello neat curls! So much for violet eye shadows. Whew!

The dress came all over from U.K.. Actually, Ate Helen had their wedding in UK last August 2011. But since not all relatives of my ate could come to London for their wedding there, Chris, his husband, promised her to have their wedding again in the Philippines. Sweeeeeet. :)))

Trivia: The wedding dress of my cousin costs 2,000 euros. I died and puked rainbows. Haha! The wedding dress came all over from Barcelona, Spain. I never knew that Kuya Chris was rich. Haha! Lucky Ate Helen. :))) Look at the laces in the tulle! I remember Vera Wang's latest collection of her dresses, I think she has a version of this.

The reception held at the Avenue Hotel. The place is simple and full of violet of sorts!

Oh perfect timing! They showed us the wedding happened in London.

They danced pantomina, as one of the traditions of the Filipino Wedding. :)

The wedding was beautiful. How I wish I could have that in the future. :D

Outfit post next!
xx, Kaze. :*

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