Friday, February 3, 2012

Bicol Day 1: The Road Trip to the Farm

The shores of Gumaca, Quezon

Uncle's mini patootie farm. :))))

See the happiness in me! HAHA!

The Road trip to the Farm.

It was splendid! I was hesitant to be in a road for 10 long hours, but it was worth it! I even persuaded my dad to take a flight than driving (because that will be exhausting for him) but he didn't took my proposal, he wants to be in a road. Whew~ Good thing my other uncle and auntie, went there with us, so they took turns when driving. :)

So all day I was in a road, seeing new places, thinking about my friends, and also this blog. (I didn't bring the laptop and the internet, so to indulge in the beautiful place of Bicol.) Contented na, even if my butt is cheeky red. Haha! :)

We arrived at Pili, Camarines Sur at exactly 4PM. We went directly to my uncle's mini patootie farm. Haha. And ate dinner there. Oh province. I love the breeze, the smell. Everything was different!

After that we went to our hotel. Checked-in at Villa Caceres and spend the whole night having our total RnR for that big day tomorrow! :)

Day 2's in the next post!
xx, Kaze. :*

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