Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iloilo-Guimaras Journey Day 2

The day two was more exciting than the 1st one! Why? You'll see. I have so many pictures to share with you random kids. :))

Summer is getting nearer! I had my beach experience on the Day 2 in Guimaras Island. :) I love the walk way and everything! I love the resort. My cousin told me that there are many pre-nuptial shooting happened in the resort because of its exclusivity and beauty. :)

So now, I'm going to tell you about what happened thru pictures. 

Jilliane woke up at 4.30 am, the view was still dark, we went to sleep again. Haha! Eventually, we woke up at 6 am, there's a hint of sun that time, it was perfect! 

Good morning misty beach resort. :)

Still groggy. :l

TADAA! haha. at one second, I'm in my beach outfit! :))))

We headed out first in the beach side, savouring our P3000 expenditure on a low tide beach. HAHA. Oh well, that was fun though, even if it was time restricted. We still made the most of our stay in Cabaling Beach Resort. :)

Greetings form the Sand, Sea, Sun!

Feeling adventurous, we crossed that rocky path, looking for a nice angle of pictures..

Fighting! Hahahaha. :)

hello nice view. :D

the whole resort from the rocky perspective..

the walk wayyy! aaaaah!

thank you yhan. XD

We decided to go back before the beach will be in high tide mode. We're scared to be stucked at the middle of the ocean! Char! Hahaha.

YAY to walkway! :))

shoooo ekshited! >.<

I feel so model mode that time. I just posed and posed, they went on shoot and shoot! Haha!

My beach outfit: Red cape form mom, Coco Cabana swimwear, SM hat, Brazilea beach slippers. :)

if not on the shadows..this would be great! :)

Yhan can't be left out! :)

Our very supporting photographer friends. XD

we interchanged our cover ups. :)

OF course they would! :)) thanks guys!

We decided to swim at the pool, so bubye runway. HAHAHA. :))

pose forever. XD

Heading out to the pool requires many steps to take. :)

Never ending model moments. :)))

Oh hello, pool. There you are. :D

The pool uses the clear waters of Guimaras beach. So it was basically a salt water! :) Cool.

Splash, Splash, Fun! :)

After that, at 9 am, we went back to our room prepare ourselves for our Guimaras island tour. :)

Last mementos before going out. :)

My 2nd day outfit. :) Check out my outfit post! :))

We had our early check-out. We're out of the resort officially! Bye!!

We're heading out to the City of Guimaras. I went with my cousin on the single motor that day. I can feel the heat of the sun and the breeze on my skin! I feel so liberated. Hahaha! Never mind the dark skin after. :))

We had our change of schedule, since we were late, and we are so hungryyy, we just went to Trappist Monastery to buy pasalubongs. And we also visited the Tourism Center of Guimaras to buy again. Haha. I bought Mango Ketchup! 

We went first to the Trappist Monastery. The monastery has a gift shop with delicacies locally made by the monks inside the monastery for their everyday expense.

We also went to their chapel. Too bad we didn't see the monks praying..

We lighted a candle and pray. :) 

After that we went to other pasalubong centers to buy mangoes and some other stuffs! :)

That was the end of our Guimaras adventure. We went back to Iloilo for our city tour after that. :)
I'll cut the Day 2 in to 2 posts, It's going to be too long! Hahaha. Check out the Part 2 for this!

What's your adventure in your hometown? :)
xx, Kaze.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Iloilo-Guimaras Journey Day 1

One thing that is compulsory for a tourism student is to expose themselves in the real world of our diverse industry. One of this is to tour around in so many places. And that is one thing our college couldn't provide. I won't discuss anything about the shortcomings of our college, let's just proceed to our next destination. :)

Last January, I went to Naga, and this time [I meant last week? Haha. Lagged posts.] me and my friends went to Iloilo, just to satisfy our wanderlust and because we won't have any touring from the college this year. I suggested this destination since it was my hometown and my family always go to Iloilo for VFR (Visiting Friends and Relative), for so many times. So I decided to go to Iloilo with my friends for a total exploration!

We booked our flight in 2P (Airphil Express); 10.55 am was our flight. As usual, as so many domestic airlines would do, our flight was delayed. And so we killed the time by using the free wifi and surf the net. Haha. Thank God it was only 30 mins late. I was so excited to see my families there. And yes, Terminal 3 is much better than the International old NAIA. errrr.

playin' around in NAIA 3! this was my outfit. :>

stolen shots before taking off. :)

Hello Iloilo! :)

picture, picture while waiting for our checked-in bags..

My cousin Kuya Alvin fetched and brought us to Lolo Ramon's house, since it was his birthday that day, he prepared a sumptuous feast for all! Yum yum. :")

KBL there! Kadyos, Baboy, Langka. FAVORITE!

After our lunch, we leave some of our bags in Lolo's house in preparation to go to Guimaras Island. :)
And so, the journey begins!!

P14 for a one way ride. Much like LRT. :))

Shikina, Me, Allison and Jilliane. We're just 4, plus my cousin. :)

Hello Guimaras! (No pic, sorry. Too many bags. :)))

Look! a 6 seater tricycle (w/ the driver). How convenient. :)

First stop, Balaan Bukid. 

I experienced Adventure Tourism at its finest! Almost 30 mins hiking?? Gosh. 

Leggo start now!

Balaan Bukid is one of the famous attractions to visit when you go to Guimaras. It is a famous pilgrimage site, where there are 14 stations of the cross while you hike and at the top, there's a small church there and a big cross overlooking the whole city of Iloilo. Nice view. :)

Actually, I just persuaded them to take pictures just for me to take a rest. I can feel my heartbeat as strong as a bass in a concert. Really. I can feel my fats burning. Hahaha!

I can see the cross getting nearer and nearer! :))

Thank God! Last station of the cross...

And we're here at the top! See the church over there? :) Just don't look at my sweaty face. HAHA!

getting a lil bit dramatic. ahaha. :))

Ah..the Iloilo City. :)

the blurry image inside the small church. :)

Jump shots before going home. Haha!

While hiking down, we stumbled upon some cows that locals are taking care of. Allison was enjoying the 'one with nature' mode of hers. :)))

Going down was the easiest. I wish I could just roll over the dirty rocky road just to get back! Haha.

Sweaty faces! :))

This is my cousin who toured us the whole trip in Guimaras. :)

Allison wants a bundle of calachuchi. We paid the boy with snacks and money for that! Phew. :)

Hello heaven! Hahaha. At last. :))

Ate Langel, my cousin, suggested that we should eat some mango pizza before going to the resort. And we were like...MANGO PIZZA?? Okay, not common in Manila. Haha. We got excited!

The Pitstop, makers of the best selling Mango Pizza. :P
It's located at the city (alibhon as they call it) of Guimaras. :)

One family Mango Pizza for Kaze? :) (P229)
and we ordered Mango shakes too. XD Just can't get enough. Hahaha!

Hah! The joy of our faces when the food was served. We were so hungry after that hiking! Fight!

Mango slices, cheese, tomato sauce, cashew nuts, bell pepper. <3<3<3

After the pizza meal, we headed straight to the resort, it took 2 hours in a road just to get there (no hiking included), and the road was dark..we went there with my cousin again, Kuya Alvin, who has a single motor, and I went there with him at the back. I felt the cold breeze of Guimaras while Kuya Alvin hikes the rocky road! Phew. IT WAS SOOO SCARY. My imaginations run wild since we're at the back. Uhh. >.<

We reached the shores of Espinosa, walking and hiking part 2! (since the tricycle and the single motor can't cross the high-tide beach side. Risky.

(no pics that night, sorry. haha)

Our room in the resort costs P3000. We didn't booked earlier for that room. And so, there was no other choice but that air conditioned room. Pricey. :l

Quadruple sharing: P3000. Hayy. 

Anyways, we had our room by ourselves the way we want it. :)) And we thought the price was okay since the beach and the pool and the amenities were attractive. Look out for my next post on our Day 2!

I just had my early summer break before finals!
How about you random kids? ΓΌ
xx, Kaze. :*

P.S. Some pictures were grabbed from Jilliane's :)