Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Today, my mom and I went to Ongpin to buy some lucky charms for this year. Since my year will be smooth than last year, I will use all the luck I have for this year by buying these stuffs:

All in one charm bracelet.

Lucky coin in a hung pao, with cotton and a 50 peso bill inside.

Ongpin was very busy today. Chinese New Year celebrations always fascinates me. It always gets me into that happy vibe. Haha.

Here's what I saw: (unedited) LOL.

Oh yes, Mayor Lim was there with his chinoy friends. :)

Although I believe that Feng Shui can bring luck, its in the perseverance and determination to work hard and earn money that only can a person experience success and wealth. My mom was addicted to this once, but now, she keep things in mind that its only a reminder for us to show that positive reinforcement still works for many people. And these things can be a motivation for you to achieve your goals in life. It's not something you should get serious, its only a guide for your map of life.

Just remember, Good luck comes from good karma. With charms or nothing. :)
And have a little faith. Pray to the Lord, and He will give you all the desires of your heart. Nasa bible verse yan! Haha. You just have to work for it!

I have an event tomorrow! Wish me luck for its success! :")
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. :*
xx, Kaze.


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