Monday, January 23, 2012

Sins!: Singapore's Leading Chocolatier

I thought chocolates are just sweet things. And for pampawala ng umay. :)))
But then, I realized that chocolates can evoke certain pleasures in our body. And that chocolates can make you happy too! There's too many scientific basis in what I said, just Google it. Haha.

I recently discovered this chocolate store in Venice Piazza:

I bought 2 pcs of Toast first (for 50 a piece, wah!) . I didn't know that real champagne was inside! I thought it was mixed with the chocolate. The bursting hot sensation of a fine liquor with the chocolate was....damn. I can't explain it. I ate another one with excitement! :")

I believe in the power of praline chocolates in my body. Praline chocolates are good! :D

I went back to the store to buy the Sea Shell and Half Eclipse, two of their Best Sellers. Their chocolates were heavenly!!! I am in love. :> 200 php was worth it. I even forgot that I spend that huge amount for 4 pcs bite-sized chocolates.. D:

Here's the price list. :)

Check out their two precious stores: The Podium and in the Venice Piazza.
Gosh, you know, if they offer franchising for this, and I have that money, I would definitely spread this chocolatier eveywhere. XD

Check their website here:

What's your favorite chocolate?
Royce? Patchi? :) Share it! :*
xx, Kaze.

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