Monday, January 23, 2012

Into Venice!

I'd love to go to Italy if I have so much money and time. :D 
But since I don't have the money, I went to a much closer look of Italy.
The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill. :)

I was actually on Photography mode. Haha!

This is located in the main bldg. It's hard to take pictures of this stained glass window because I have to ride the escalator to get a better view.

This is for the celebration of Chinese New Year. And yes, I'm in my statement shirt + Jeans again. Haha!

The plaza. :)

I was expecting the gondola-on-a-river effect, but the guard told us that it was still under construction. FAIL. Haha. I should do my research first before I go out and wander.

We ate at Reyes Bbq there, epic fail ang service! Tsss.
I'll visit this place after 3 years or maybe earlier. I just want to make sure the place is polished before I'll explore. Hahaha.

Xi nian kuai le! Gong xi fa cai! :)
Happy Prosperous New Year everyone.
xx, Kaze.

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