Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's all about me

Here's what I wore last Chinese New Year. :)

Thrifted Knitted Hat | ICE fashion top | Jag Jeans

Accessories are thrifted too!

I was so LAZY. Hahaha. Even until today! WAH. I'm done packing things up since I'm going to Bicol for a wedding. I'M SO EXXXXXCITED. Hahahaha!

So, ciao na muna? :)
xx, Kaze.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Today, my mom and I went to Ongpin to buy some lucky charms for this year. Since my year will be smooth than last year, I will use all the luck I have for this year by buying these stuffs:

All in one charm bracelet.

Lucky coin in a hung pao, with cotton and a 50 peso bill inside.

Ongpin was very busy today. Chinese New Year celebrations always fascinates me. It always gets me into that happy vibe. Haha.

Here's what I saw: (unedited) LOL.

Oh yes, Mayor Lim was there with his chinoy friends. :)

Although I believe that Feng Shui can bring luck, its in the perseverance and determination to work hard and earn money that only can a person experience success and wealth. My mom was addicted to this once, but now, she keep things in mind that its only a reminder for us to show that positive reinforcement still works for many people. And these things can be a motivation for you to achieve your goals in life. It's not something you should get serious, its only a guide for your map of life.

Just remember, Good luck comes from good karma. With charms or nothing. :)
And have a little faith. Pray to the Lord, and He will give you all the desires of your heart. Nasa bible verse yan! Haha. You just have to work for it!

I have an event tomorrow! Wish me luck for its success! :")
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. :*
xx, Kaze.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sins!: Singapore's Leading Chocolatier

I thought chocolates are just sweet things. And for pampawala ng umay. :)))
But then, I realized that chocolates can evoke certain pleasures in our body. And that chocolates can make you happy too! There's too many scientific basis in what I said, just Google it. Haha.

I recently discovered this chocolate store in Venice Piazza:

I bought 2 pcs of Toast first (for 50 a piece, wah!) . I didn't know that real champagne was inside! I thought it was mixed with the chocolate. The bursting hot sensation of a fine liquor with the chocolate was....damn. I can't explain it. I ate another one with excitement! :")

I believe in the power of praline chocolates in my body. Praline chocolates are good! :D

I went back to the store to buy the Sea Shell and Half Eclipse, two of their Best Sellers. Their chocolates were heavenly!!! I am in love. :> 200 php was worth it. I even forgot that I spend that huge amount for 4 pcs bite-sized chocolates.. D:

Here's the price list. :)

Check out their two precious stores: The Podium and in the Venice Piazza.
Gosh, you know, if they offer franchising for this, and I have that money, I would definitely spread this chocolatier eveywhere. XD

Check their website here:

What's your favorite chocolate?
Royce? Patchi? :) Share it! :*
xx, Kaze.

Into Venice!

I'd love to go to Italy if I have so much money and time. :D 
But since I don't have the money, I went to a much closer look of Italy.
The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill. :)

I was actually on Photography mode. Haha!

This is located in the main bldg. It's hard to take pictures of this stained glass window because I have to ride the escalator to get a better view.

This is for the celebration of Chinese New Year. And yes, I'm in my statement shirt + Jeans again. Haha!

The plaza. :)

I was expecting the gondola-on-a-river effect, but the guard told us that it was still under construction. FAIL. Haha. I should do my research first before I go out and wander.

We ate at Reyes Bbq there, epic fail ang service! Tsss.
I'll visit this place after 3 years or maybe earlier. I just want to make sure the place is polished before I'll explore. Hahaha.

Xi nian kuai le! Gong xi fa cai! :)
Happy Prosperous New Year everyone.
xx, Kaze.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cosmetics Galore

Ever since we took that Personality Development on our sophomore years, I dreamed about being a make-up artist. I love how the make-up can enhance the beauty in your face. I believe that a face is a beautiful canvass waiting to be colored by magic. :)

Today, my brother's girlfriend came home in the Philippines from her work abroad, and because she promised to buy me cosmetics (no brand in particular). I got really excited when I saw these stuffs:

California Sun Glow by Steiner | Claire's Ultimate Bronzer Book | Claire's eyeshadow palette

OF COURSE I thanked her with all my might! :D I am so grateful! All my stressful days were gone with the wind! (and comes back again, just like the wind. phew.)

inside the bronzer book. take a peek!

Now, this bronzer is controversial. :) It can be a bronzer, a blusher, eyeshadow, an accentuation for bosoms, and to just shine like you came out of the Californian sun. This is ate Joy's favorite, and I got my fair share! :))

I LOVE EYESHADOWS. I told you, a face is a beauuuutiful canvass. Even though I'm not a painter, I can blend eyeshadows to my eyes like I'm dusted with a fairytale color. :))) 

A fresh, hydrated, clean face is a must when putting on a make-up! I remember one mistake I had when I was in high school, I just add and add powder/foundation to my skin after breaks, its not good! Foundation should be a one time big time event ritual, when your face gets oily, blot it. When it rubs off, wash your face first, then apply foundation again. Or just powder it off, but not too much.

I also learned something when I apply eyeshadows when I go to parties. If you're a kind of a person who wants to apply eyeshadows when the brush is wet, I suggest that you use saline solution than water, the one that is used for contact lenses. This will bring more color to your eyes as if a real painting happened, plus! the eyeshadow will last until you know the party is over! :)

Also, allot one day of not having make-up. Remember the commercial of Dove? 7 days without make-up? I think you should try and dare (I'm not plugging, haha). But it's true, rest your face from the harsh chemicals once in a while. Don't worry, this will add up when you get old. I promise! ;)

Btw, midterms are oooover! I got perfect scores on our Mandarin, I'm so proud. I can talk little Mandarin na. Hahaha!

Hey. Share your beauty secrets below! :*
xx, Kaze. :>

Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday 2011: a photo diary

 our family plus the staffs.

 our simple noche buena :)

It was a fun filled holiday. Simple, yes, but I love my family even if they want to celebrate Christmas as simple as ever! Haha. I love them. :)

I also got some gifts which I can't wait to use it! :)

xx, kaze. <3