Sunday, December 2, 2012

Move to the Vibe: I'm part of the history!

I sincerely thank for giving me the chance to walk the runway and be a part for breaking the record of Most Number of People Walking on the Catwalk. I was hesitant to join first because I wasn't ready for this, but at the last minute, I managed to get everything prepared before that huge day. :')

(Grabbed from Mr. Are Abolac)

Congratulations to all of us! The Philippines is now the Guiness World Record holder for having 2225 people in one fashion show! And I'm part of it! Cool! I can now brag this to all of my future children and grand children. (Futuristic? HAHA.)

I couldn't tell you the details of the event since the models were in the backstage, but I heard from that there were 47 people who were disqualified by the Guinness World of Record Rep Ms. Kristie Bennett for not having satisfied the criteria as a runway model. :( I didn't know that. T_T Good thing at that time I didn't, or else I'd back out. Haha! I hope I'm not one of those 47 people.. :c

According again to, the criteria was that the models should: 1) show qualities of a professional model and therefore must be able to walk to the beat with ease; 2) must walk with head held up high; 3) must be able to adhere to the standards of being a model and 4) must reach the point/area of the runway to be counted. (P.S. That was not the exact words.)

HMP. Whatever. All that matters was that I enjoyed the walk. It was a roller coaster ride feeling. :)

We were there from 10AM-9PM. Almost 12 hours of waiting, styling, putting make-up on, dressing up, walking, and mentally preparing and it didn't stop us. It was all worth it!

Here were some photos I just grabbed. I didn't brought my camera so I had to depend on others. :)

 Rehearsal time after the registration. This was tricky. Exhilarating!

 R2R bags. :) I love the clutches more! Too bad I got the tote. 

FUREEBIIIESSS! HAHA! :D We had our free lunch and early dinner and this! And of course being a part of the history. :>

With my blogger friends. :)

I say kudos to all of the organizers! From Glorietta to AVA and to all who participated and exerted maximum effort to this event. Our efforts paid off! :)

xx, Kaze.

Credits: Ms. Jilliance Bulatao,, and Mr. Are Abolac. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

H + J Pre-nuptial Mini Shoot

By the time you're reading this, I am currently preparing for their civil wedding as their not-so official photographer. (Just because no one will volunteer! And dad will just let me be. Haha.)

Yesterday, I got a chance to shoot a mini pre-nup on my brother and his wife-to-be. It was my fault and my idea to come up with this, so they finally agreed with the plan. Without any haste, I arrived in Subic a day earlier from their big day to shoot. Coincidentally, they bought a custom made couple shirt and I thought it was a good idea for them to wear it. I also looked in the free port zone for locations, and I want the carnival as a place for the shoot but due to time restrictions, we opted for the Lighthouse in Subic and its bay. We waited for the sunset, but unfortunately the sun wasn't setting in the way I wanted it. So tiis ganda ang peg! Hahaha.

My mood board were pictures from Mango Red, Ian Santillian and N. Uy, they're my favorite photographers, and I like their style. They do have themes per couple, but what I really liked most was the Victor and Maggie Wilson-Consunji Pre-nup [from Mango Red], it was so sexy and the pre-nup was all raw and B&W. Kudos to Mango Red! How I wish I could be a part of their wonderful team. T-T

So it was just me, a Canon 1100D and my inspiration from my mood board last night that I got that confidence in myself that I can make it. LOL. I was feeling frenzied taking pictures of them. :)

After the pre-nup shoot, we went to Pier One and drank cocktails, then ate at Coco Lime, then went home to my sis in-law's house.

So here's my teaser since my brother was tired from the ordeal that day, so the pictures were not final pa and I just picked my favorite parts from the shoot to include it in here. Enjoy!

This is my first time to cover a mini pre-nup shoot. Plase bear with me! :) Used Camera: Canon 1100D, 18-55 mm, ISO 400. All are processed (minor lang naman) and resized to 1068 x 712 (para mabilis ang upload, haha).

with much love here and all around, Kaze. <3

Quick Styling

Last thursday, I was tasked to accompany my brother and his fiancee on Ongpin to buy their gold wedding bands. It was exhausting, but fun! We went into different shops and looked for the best wedding rings for the couple. (and the authentic one.)

TADA! :3 Cute eh? It makes me feel like I want to get married too! :))

It's a two-tone wedding band. Standard. Diamond Cut on the white gold part.

I also joined them in their search for the best white outfit for their civil wedding. We went to the nearest mall in Ongpin and stopped by at the department store and some boutiques.
Okay, I know what I did was illegal (I think so) so I'll make these pictures small. Hehe. This is for sharing purposes. :3

Since its only a simple and civil wedding, my sis in-law wants a simple outfit in white. I don't want to make her a nun, so I opted to combine black in white in her pants. In the picture, the pants should be fit, but it wasn't in her size so it looks bulky and old to look at. If it is paired with heels, it'll look simple and glam. 

This top was my favorite, but its in sheer type of clothing, I can't make her wear that.

The gold lining in the sheer top.

She liked it, but she wanted a dress so I gave her a peplum tube dress. It looked good on her! I had no pictures but we both liked it. :) We made that tube as the 'last resort' option since she wanted to look for other dresses.

And this is the final dress..

I apologize for the grainy pic. T_T Hehe.

We bought that dress in Occasions. The first time she saw it, she wanted it, and she got it. HAHA!

On my brother's outfit, he bought a black coat in Solo, and he will pair it with white undershirt. He will also be in leather shoes. :)

xx, Kaze.

P.S. I am currently in Subic! <3 I will share to you my travel diaries sooner! I also did their mini pre-nup photo shoot. Rain check random kids eh? :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Belle De Jour Fair

Belle De Jour Power Planner is a planner that is tailor-made for empowered women, career driven girls, or someone who wants to be organized and saved lots of money through coupons. I'm a bella since 2011. So this Belle De Jour Fair 2012 was memorable to me because it was my first time coming and interacting with other bellas too!

Let me tell you a secret, before this frenzy fair, I joined to their go-see for the runway at the BDJ Fair. Unfortunately for me, I didn't got in. The go-see was my motivation to come and see the runway girls that day. (But I didn't. Haha.) No bitter feelings! I got the feeling that I won't make it e. At least! I won 2 new friends that day. Neeca and Star. :) I'm still blessed I had created connections and bonded. We ate at Sbarro with Neeca and talked all the way! We also accompanied her friend Ces, to get her haircut.

Neeca and me while waiting for Ces. :))

OKAY! Let's get back to the Fair day. It was sunday and I really need to break myself from all of the dressing up parts of my life. I tried to be fashionable that day with a cream silk shorts and a top. ;)
I arrived on the location at noon, and my companions, Jilliane and Hope, were there already. The place was jam-packed and excited! Then, we registered, got our loot bags, and hopped on the Tarot Card Reading booth, but alas! We have to be in time for the Blogger's Extraordinaire talk with Ms. Patty Laurel and Ms. Tricia Gosingtian so we have to sacrifice that little line that time in that booth. :(

Me, Jilliane and Hope.

Ms. Patty Laurel's talk was very inspirational. I got the feeling that I want to be a traveller too! And she gave us tips on how to save and travel like her. :) Simply, just plan ahead of time and save ahead of time when travelling. Research on the place and its culture. And last, immerse yourself to the scenery. :) Follow her on twitter to see more tips! @pattylaurel

In Ms. Tricia's, I admired her awesome background of achievements! Being a photographer first then turned into a fashion stylist/model, it was a change of careers for her and I admire how she can still be best of both worlds! She gave us tips on how to be a good blogger, branding yourself and how to market your blog.

I also won a pair of Salad jeans from Bauhaus from a raffle draw! :) So happy.

After the talk, we visited some participating booths. We went to the City Delivery booth and won a drink and an umbrella. Then we went to SM Parisian and talked to Mr. Von Jorelle, who he recognized Jilliane from the Rajo x Parisian 2 event last month! :)

After we ate, we headed straight back to the tarot card reading booth. We spent the whole day waiting in line. T-T But it was worth it! Beautiful and positive readings. How I wish the answers from my question number 4 will come true! *excited*

Super waiting in vain ang peg ng tarot card booth! Haggardness all over!

It was 7 PM when we were finished from the tarot reading and all. It was exhausting. We headed to the entrance section to meet Hope again and her friends. Done some simple outfit shooting. And went home. :)

Top: thrifted | Shorts: Chicabooti | Shoes: Tomato | Bag: SM

I love the fair! Hope you had much fun than we were. ;)
Until next year! <3
xx, Kaze.

Credits to Ms. Hope San Pedro for the pictures. :)

Win A Charriol St. Tropez


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The watch collection consists of several distinct lines with 18kt gold or steel models. These are the Actor, Alexandre, Colvmbvs, Rotonde by Charriol, Saint Tropez, and Parisii - CHARRIOL's newest line.

It’s sun, sea, sand, St-Tropez… for a summer turned eternal.

Want to win this dreamy time peace? Just answer their 2 questions (they have clues!) and you might have a chance to win a new Charriol St. Tropez watch for you and your chosen friend! :)

Have fun random kids!
xx, kaze.

P.S. Got the information at |

Monday, October 15, 2012

Folded and Hung | Famous Salon

I've never been into high-end salons to get a haircut until last month. I always tend to go to a salon nearest us, and its more cheaper. But things changed when I had been curious to try these high-end salons last month and out of all the names listed in my to-do planner, Folded and Hung Salon mystified me. Last September 17, I went to their newly opened salon in Robinsons Ermita and this small quaint salon was their main front line.

ANGEL LOCSIN! :) I love her body. I'm inspired to have her body as soon as possible. That voluptuous Marilyn Monroe image. HAHA!

That was me, asking about the prices, the reception is on the right side and they have a mini bar/refreshments on the left for the clients. They also sell mini snacks too!

One of the working area. It was refreshing to the eyes, and the salon has the ambiance of "we do strictly business" appeal. Others might not want that and opt for a girly type of salons but unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I like minimalism/structured interior designs like these one. It feels like functionality and direct. Check!

I decided to had my haircut that day. I was assisted by Marky, and he was a good hairstylist! 
There are 3 kinds of stylists in the salon. They offer a P250-P350-P450 price range that depends on the hierarchy of the stylist. Marky was in the 350 range. I forgot what do they call themselves in that position, but I am very sure about the price. :)) Senior Stylist? Junior? Creative Director? Huhu. Sorry! I forgot to ask!

I told him to cut my hair layered with side-swept bangs. And I told him that I wanted to remain the length of my hair. Marky, unlike others, didn't refused my suggestions and he was happy to serve me. :))

I love their denim on denim uniform! Very unique! :) That's Marky and me. (in my uniform! Gah!)

And this is the final product made by Folded and Hung salon! I was disappointed that my hair was back to straight when I washed it the next day (Feel ko kase ung naka-blower ang hair! HAHAHA.) but Marky warned me all about this so I have been managing my hair on how to take care it every now and then. People have been commenting how gorgeous is my hair recently, I always tell them, "Courtesy of FnH Famous Salon!" :))

Salon Ambiance: 5/5
Employees/Staff: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Final Product: 5/5

Try to visit the salon and see for yourself! As far as I know, they're going to expand more in other malls. But just to make sure, go to Robinsons Manila. They're located on the third floor Adriatico Wing besides Fitness First and near to Sbarro. :) Like them on Facebook: Folded and Hung | Famous Salon and follow them on twitter: @FHFamousSalon for more updates and promos. :>

Share some gorgeous haircut moment! (I sound like I am in a commercial. Haha.)
xx, Kaze.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grunge Chic

This was what I wore last Rajo x Parisian II event! Ever since the first collection, I admired Mr. Rajo Laurel's taste in his creations, especially in the shoes department. :) So when I had the chance to be in part with the 2nd collection, I didn't hesitated to wore my ever trusty heels that day and to show support for Rajo-san. Jilliane also wore her red heels that day. :) 

It was tedious and exhausting to look for a dress in Forever 21 at the Mall of Asia! I almost tried every single piece of clothing that I could to find the perfect one. Thank God for shopping friends, it maximized my time and effort! Oh well, the efforts were paid off, and I decided to buy this black peplum dress from F21. :) I love peplum dress! This body hugging, illusion making dress makes my body slimmer and leaner. I'd love to have a closet full of different kinds of peplum styles!

I paired the black dress with Forever 21's gold accessories. I know I'm a thrift buyer for accessories, but I won P2000 GCs on F21 from Ms. Vern Enciso's giveaway and I can't help it but to shop everything to spend the amount immediately! :) Anyway, the blue gold necklace was a cool monochromatic breaker for the black outfit, and I added some gold earrings and bracelets [oh, this time, its thrifted na. :)].

I heavily focused on the eyes part of the make-up. I made a smoky eye effect I've been practicing for ages and I opt for the nude pink lipstick I bought in Avon to make my lips slightly colored and not pale.

I called it grunge chic because I evoked the inner rocker chic in me. Though grunge means untidy fashion mostly related to rocker fans, I didn't peg the untidy part. HAHA! Sorry. I'm a neat freak.

I tried to pose a fierce one. It looked scary and beautiful at the same time. XD

Peplum Dress: Forever 21 | Blue/Gold Necklace: Forever 21 | Other accessories: thrifted | Shoes: Rajo x Parisian 1st collection

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What do you think with my outfit? :)
xx, Kaze.

P.S. Credits. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. *wink*

Saturday, October 13, 2012

50 Shades of Blue and Purple

This was the last outfit I made for my entries. (If you're new to the series of my outfit posts, you can check the back posts related to this: 1st one, 2nd one and the 3rd one.) Being an avid reader of 50 Shades of Grey [but not a fan, I want some clarifications about that. :D], I came up with the idea that I based my outfit title to the book I had read. That's why I called it 50 Shades of Blue and Purple. How ingenious. :)

About the 50 Shades series.. I never realized the high amount of scenes and shocking descriptions in the book, especially the second one. Though I haven't had read the 3rd one, in my opinion, the 2nd book was exhilarating to read! Adult novels are no new to me, being a book reader since high school, I have encountered different kinds of these novels, from true stories of the comfort women (oh yes, detailed,  it sucks) up to the shallow ones. One good novel I can recommend to you for starters is the "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho. I've been a fan of him since I had read his "The Alchemist". He discusses the true nature of our sexuality with an educated approach. It's beautiful and a bit liberated, but trust me, no one can describe an open secret topic than he does. *wink*

Going back to the outfit, the blue A-line dress was also borrowed from Jilliane. She suggested some clothes and I styled it the way I wanted it (with her approval of course), and this was how it looks like.

I loved the dress plus the fact that its in my favorite color so I paired it with gold accessories to achieve that "sosyal" peg of a ballerina. I wore the Rajo x Parisian shoes again because the straps in the feet looks like the straps that ballet shoes have. I still pulled my hair down since my hair had been rebonded and I want the persona of that ballerina to let loose of her perfect bun hair. :) I always peg simple/elegant styles! T-T This concludes the observation of everyone that I love outfits that are simple and approachable to others yet comfortable to the user. Haha! (Nagpapalusot talaga ako. Sorry! Amateur lang! :)))

Dress: From Jilliane's | Accessories: Twinkies Inc. | Shoes: Rajo x Parisian 1st collection

Thank you Twinkies Inc. for the wonderful gold accessories! Egyptian/Greek ang peg! :) Try to visit and shop! I'm sure you'll find other treasures too!

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Thank you sooo much random kids! <3

Tell us your Goddess/Ballerina peg outfit/moment!
xx, Kaze.

P.S. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. You know what to do! *wink*

Friday, October 12, 2012

Simple Glamour

Another outfit from my entries for Rajo x Parisian Contest that held last month! :) Actually, I got 4 entries for this, the other ones are here and here. This is the 3rd one. Please do check it out! :)

Going back to the outfit, since it was all teamwork, the dress was borrowed from Jilliane and she took photographs of me. :) The dress was simple and has the elegant lace sheer at the back, (I'm shy to post the back one, sorry. :>) like the pattern on my collar part. I paired it with a glitter studded open-toe heels and some accessories. I called it simple glamour because I believe that less is more and this dress shouldn't be covered with more necklaces and such. :) 

I love how this dress hugs my body figure, I know I'm chubby and all but I guess that loving one's body radiates outside. :)) And I'm into 'improving my body' regime recently. (Now, that's positive thinking!)

Dress: Folded and Hung (from Jilliane) | Shoes: Parisian Elegance (From Jilliane) | Accessories: thrifted

I loved that bitchy pose. I could really pull that off since I have snobbish face when I'm serious. Haha!

The closer look of the accessories. Thrifted FTW!

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Thanks random kids! :)

xx, Kaze.

P.S. Credits to Ms. Jilliane Bulatao for the photos and the stuffs. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Another outfit post from yours truly! :) This was also one of my entries for the Rajo x Parisian Contest! One was the Floral Mania (you can check it here) and this! I called it Burberry-inspired since the dress I wore here looks like one of the collections from Burberry. And the best part was, it was a steal bargain from HKG! Cool no? :) I bought this last 2006, and THANK GOD this dress still fits although it was shorter than before. (Maybe the dress shrunk or I really got taller. :>) Anyway, I love Burberry's signature checkered trench coats/dresses! How I wish I could buy one... :) It's really classy. 

Dress: bargain from HKG | Tights: Tomato | Heels: Rajo x Parisian 1st Collection | Accessories: thrifted

I actually stole that tights from my mom's closet. Hahaha! She loves leather tights, whether faux or real. And we bought it from Tomato. :) I also paired it with one of my favorite heels, the 1st collection from Rajo x Parisian. I wore minimal accessories for this one because I wanted the dress and the heels to stand out.

I love this month! October has been very kind to me. More to come! :3
Share your designer inspired outfit! I would love to check it out. :>

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xx, Kaze.

P.S. Photos were taken by Ms. Jilliane Bulatao. Check out her blog too. :)