Friday, December 23, 2011

Wrapping Rush

Yesterday, I was the wrapper [Rapper?] of sooooo MANY gifts in the house. [Yo! Mennn. Joke!] It is for the less fortunate families in our village. Every year, our family celebrates christmas party for them with gift-giving and some games. Unfortunately, we won't have a party for them this year, [I don't know why] so the gifts will be given in the 30th.ΓΌ

angrrryyyy birds! i wrapped them into these cute bags..

see, from that big into thizzz small, i am a ninja wrapper! HAHA.

and the towels, pouches, and so much more!

I am so tired today, my family had christmas dinner with the staffs of the studio at Maxs, we also went to the Mall of Asia for the Ferris Wheel and some wandering. :)) Just wait for the next post! :)

1 night more before Christmas! I'm going to be the cook! Haha!
XO, Kaze.

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