Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

It's been a lazy week! And I haven't gone for Christmas Shopping yet, because I didn't tag along with my mom. Hahaha! So, 3 days left before christmas? Too fast! :( But, I still have my wishlist here! Better to be late then never. Hahaha!

1. Fuji Instax. I looooove polaroids. My dad used to have one, the BIG one. Hahaha. And he's using it for his studio, I felt like I wanna have one that prints that fast! :)

2. Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera. My dad has one Canon, Fuji Finepix, and a Nikon. He's too greedy to lend me one that's why I have to buy my own. (or a gift this christmas! pleaseeee? HAHA.) 

3. Samsung Galaxy Wonder. I have been wondering about this phone since it has been released in the Philippines. I want it BAD. My phone is just a borrowed 5250 from Fermin. The processor is good, and the price is cheaper than those who has the same features! Gimme that thang! :)))

4. Desk Study/Study Area. This is really a need before I leave the 4 corners of my alma mater. You see, I have been surfing the net in my bed. And my baby Yuki [Vaio] is struggling to sit in a monoblock chair. I study at my bed [which I can't because I sleep on my reviewers!]. And my back hurts. I needed it BADLY.

5. Novi Shoe Care Products. Damn. I don't have time to go to Call It Spring and buy these lovely shoe care. So could you have it for me as a gift? :) Haha!

6. Make-up Train case. I want one to keep my make-ups together and oh, I want it hot pink! :)

7. Make-ups from Majolica Majorca! Anything from a Shiseido brand is a must for every girls like me. I'm so addicted with their products! I love their foundation, I'm using it everyday. :)

and laaaaast!

8. A Belle De Jour Planner 2012. I'm a newbie last year for this planner (because I was a Starbucks planner girl back then), and I have to say that this planner is very helpful in juggling my studies, family affairs, student council affairs, friend bondings, reunions, travel plan, meeting deadlines and scheduling a fun date with Fermin. :) Plus it comes with so many coupons that I felt I paid for so much more! :)

I realized I'm such a techie with my wishlist. I really am. Just denying. Hahahaha!
Gosh, my back hurts. (I need the desk study badly na!) I'm just waiting for my mom and dad to come home. I'll just pop a corn in the microwave while watching Amelie again. Oh vacation, total RnR. Haha!
Have a Happy Holidays everyone.

bisou, Kaze.ΓΌ

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