Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Super Sale Bazaar!

Last November 5, me and my fashion bff, Jilliane, plus my big sister, Ate Vian with my niece, Kyle, went to a pre-holiday shopping event everrr. It's the annual Super Sale Bazaar. It's a 3 day event for fashion and art. :)

Well, you know my outfit on that day, I blogged it here. Remember? ü

I got 2 clothes from Camille Co's booth. 2 new cosmetics. And a new pair of contact lens. I love contact lenses. It enhances my eyes, it makes my eyes so big, I look like a doll. Hahaha!

the proof. :) LOL

I forgot to take pictures of what I bought, too bad. :) Don't worry, I'll play dress up again with those clothes.

Oh, I'm also fond to do make-ups and stuffs, I want to share you my whole lot of cosmetic collections. Before I was in for fashion, I am into make-up since high school, I'll keep you posted with this. :D

BEFORE I FORGOT! I also had a picture with one of the fashion blogger-cum-actress I look up to, Ms. Laureen Uy. ü 

weeeeeeee. :)

Too bad, Ms. Camille Co wasn't at the time we were there. And too bad, I bought nothing at Ms. Laureen's booth, kasi naman eeeee, walang magkakasya saken. :(( HAHAHA!

And so, the random kid can sleep happily tonight. I won and got tickets/passes to the Rajo! x Parisian Fashion Show this Wednesday!! I cried. Really. Real tears here. :") Thanks Ms. Tin Iglesias! I always view her blog for fashion inspirations and trends. Visit her blog here! Fashion Ate the World. :)
And oh, visit Ms. Camille and Ms. Laureen's blog here: Camille Co + Break My Style

so, can I do my council work now? I am not finished yet, deadline's tomorrow! WAH!

ciao, random kids. xx. ü

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