Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movies + Gifts.

Stuff toy and Leopard print pouch, Zoobic Safari.

Today, me and my friend Shikina went to watch Breaking Dawn. I was surprised with the movie. It was lightened up than the other earlier series, and it kinda makes it cute. Plus the hot scene, it was sooo hot. Wahahaha. XDD But what I hate about the movie is the transition, argh. One scene then into another without fluidity! C'mon. :))) Oh well. I'm still excited for the Part 2, I know we all are. :D

After movies, we ate, bonded and talked. But Shik has to go home early and since I had time to wait for my hunny from his educational trip, I gladly waited my love of my life wandering around the mall. Hahaha!

But it was worth it. See the cute gifts in the photo? ARGH. I'm bribed. <3 Hahahaha!
And so your royal randomness and her king went to Gong Cha for tea, tried Earl Grey Milk Tea, which was delicious, and bond more. <3

Oh, and what did I wore? I'm in my lazy day so, I'm in shorts and a polo shirt. :D

Spell fun and tired? :)

xx, Kaze.

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