Saturday, November 5, 2011


not your ordinary tea. ü

Okay. So, remember that I had so much free time last time that I roamed around the whole mall nearest to our shop and just had fun? :)

Before I had to go to the school for the afternoon classes that I didn't know it would turned out to be cancelled, I went to my recent favorite tea store, Serenitea.
Bubble tea's are a craze here in the Philippines. It started in the Chinese restaurants, neglected for some. But now they're  building their own images, going out from the mediocre restaurants and starting a new trend in hang-out places other than just coffee and cakes.

We love tea. We are very close to the Chinese culture. But I don't want to elaborate like a historian here. Haha.

Serenitea started at San Juan recently (2008) and it boomed into other branches. Making delightful tea for everybody. Chinese or not chinese. :D I always notice Chinese people more in all tea stores, just an observation. Haha!

There are 3 best sellers in Serenitea. I always ask the staffs, really, I thought they might change the 'best sellers' but here are the 3 best sellers (I don't know if it is for the milk tea category or for the whole menu itself.), named from the places in Japan:

Hokkaido. My favorite. It is the milk tea with caramel taste.
Nagoya. It is the milk tea with vanilla taste.
Okinawa. It is the milk tea with brown sugar taste.
All of the best sellers use Assam tea. 

the loyaltea card and the buzzzzzer!

One cute but convenient gadget I experienced here is the number buzzzzzzer (haha) I get whenever I am finished with my orders and had to wait for the lovely teas. It lights up whenever you have to pick up the tea. Cool. :) I heard ChaTime also does this kind of thing. I have to check it out.
The loyaltea card btw, is for their current promo, kind of collecting stamps by buying large drinks and will get a free large drink after the 10th sticker. I am not pretty motivated to complete the stickers, I can always go back in Serenitea if my mood wants me to be. :D

this is the store I always buy my teas! photo courtesy from Serenitea's FB. :)

Serenitea is a good tea shop. It is my first love. They have a wide range of tea selection depends on your mood than their other competitors. If you want a fresh start with tea, or you're new with teas and stuff, try first the Serenitea, and taste the basics. You'll love them. :)

Notes and Credits!
Serenitea has 9 branches in the Philippines, so far. :D I always visit the Rob Manila branch near Adriatico Wing. Good staffs. :)
Price starts at P80. or P110 if you are a Large drinker person, like me. haha.
Like their FB page! Serenitea or go to their main site and have fun researching their new concoctions at

Have fun with bubble teas! xx.

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