Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rajo x Parisian Shoe Launch

Hello random kids. :))) I'm so sorry for the super duper delay of the posts. Busy days. Arf.

Last November 9, 2011 was a night to remember.....and to reminisce. :) Of course, it was the Rajo x Parisian Shoe Launch on SMDC. A fun filled night full of cocktails, stars, bite sized foods, you know what I mean. :))

We were sooooo early! Hahaha! We were too excited. But it's okay. The time was well spent on taking pictures of our outfit. Check my next post on this!

Take your pictures in their huuuuge photo wall. Pahuhuli pa ba ang ganda ko? Hahaha! I was surprised when one of the photographers is Kuya Ben. He's my pre-debut photographer! Good thing. :)))) 

Bizu Catering is the one responsilbe for my dessert bulge in my stomach that night. The desserts are delicioso! 
I also met bloggers on that night. Made new friends. Talking about fashion and stuffs. Social parties are meant to meet new people and I did a very good job. Hahaha!

(L-R): Cil, Jilliane, Me, Regina

(L-R): Lycah, Rosanna, Eri, Me

Plus the 2 Mega Magazine Editors we met that night: Ms. Peewee and Ms. Miel. :)

The show started with the Zombettes spinnin' Rajo Laurel's designer clothes of course.

The event started with a Welcome Remark from someone in Parisian Company. I am so sorry I forgot, We were in the Rest Room when the show started! Haha.

Rajo talks about his designs and how he felt when SM wants to collaborate Parisian to his designs.

Praise the heel-less shoe that was a crowd favorite!!!

This one's my favorite really. But Jilliane bought it. :D

Argh. The models are soooooooo tall. XD

The night was also a star-cum-blogger studded!

With Ms. Patricia Prieto

Me, Raymond Gutierrez and Maxene Magalona

Me and Laureen Uy. :)))))) yeaaa for the 2nd time. XD

Me and Vern (Yhan's Fave!)

I won't go home without taking a picture with Rajo Laurel himself! :>

After the unveiling, the guests can buy the limited edition on hand before the whole Philippines can have it! Talk about exclusivity. :))

I will also post my outfit that night. Next post, please! :)

Me and my plus one, Jilliane. :) We were so vain, too bad my camera went on empty batt. HAHA!

One of the model rooms inside of SMDC. 

So that was it! Waaaah. I forgot the other details, I'm so sorry. :) That night, we don't have enough money to buy that shoes we love so we planned to buy those on Sat. (November 12) :) Sorry for the photo overload! :D But I'm sure you loved the pics you just saw, ayt? :)

ciao, xx. :>

P.S. Photo are from Jilliane's cam or mine. It was mixed. Please contact me if you want to edit or get these photos. Thanks. :)

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