Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nikki's Hollywood Glam

I'm sorry for the super duper late post. :< You see, I had looong report, emotional distressed days plus the menstrual cramps I had last Monday. Phew. But now, I'm sooo back. LOL.

Just last week, I went to my co-officer's-cum-friend's debut in Aberdeen Court in QC. The theme was Hollywood Glam. Since I was so excited to wear my new babies (Rajo), I wore it with one of my LBDs, and even though I look so fat with my flabby arms, I just raised my chin up and proud for my...uhh...body. HAHA!

 Whoops body hugging dress.

 I just love the corridor. Sorry. Haha! Look at the chandelier! <3

 Accessories, thrift shops | Black pouch, SM.

 My Rajo x Parisian Shoes!! :)

Recently, I have to tie my hair up do, because of my curly hair problem. The reason that I don't wanna go and rebond my hair is that I want to have a long hair before I want to treat it. So in the meantime, tiis ganda muna ako. Hahaha!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

 Mayen in her Hollywood Outfit. :)

 Ate Deanne and me. Trending ang black on the debut. Tarayyy. :))

 Aleli in her sexyy blue dress.

 Aaaand! With my hunny. :)

Her Royal Hotness. :)

The backdrops were sooo effort much! Bongga! :)

  (L-R): Ate Deanne, Aleli, Kuya Marvs, Nikki, Joryll, Me and Mayen. 

The power student council. \m/

Definitely, it was a blast! Mobile bars, unli photobooth, so much fun! :))

So how did your weekend went? Share your stories random kids.

xxx, Kaze.

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