Monday, November 7, 2011

Kaze tries to dress-up :)

Oh no. This is the part I'm going to embarrass myself. Hahahaha! This outifit was last November 5, I had to go to the Super Sale Bazaar remember? ü I was busy yesterday and I have free mini-time today. The outfit was simple. AND! I am so proud I matched my new Tomato flats for this outfit! *cries with glory* Okay. Let's do this thing. :)))

The Limited top / Jag shorts

I apologize for the unruly hair. I got so excited for this that I disregard my unkempt hair and tried to be more confident with my poses. Too much overwhelming destroys everything! Chos. :))) That's why at the last shot, I pony tailed it. :) Thanks for my best big brother ever who took photos for me, Heylord Uy. :))

I am a lazy person when it comes to fashion, I don't dress up that much. I grew up in jeans and shirts, PE shirts, foundation day shirts and a good 'ol converse shoes or rubber shoes. Until today! Haha! But I was enlighten with fashion after my debut. Since then, I have been trying to read and look for some inspirations and splurge myself to shop for clothes and to dress up with accessories...Yes, I tried. I really tried. And this is good. HAHAHAHA!

Thrift store accessories

I am not a fan for accessories. Though I bought a lot recently. I always look forward to Penny Ngu's style, more minimalistic. I like her maybe because I'm too lazy to think what accessories will match this outfit and blah blah. But I also love clean and crisp outfit. Clothes that demand respect. But sometimes, I love to go out in the comfort zone. Wah, I'm so confused. So this quote is true, Everyday is a fashion dilemma. Amen. XD

Tomato flats

I had so much fun posing for this pictures. I love it. <3 Until next time? Maybe. I am creating stuffs in my head, like I want to wear this by that and tit and tat. :))) aaaaaand, I have to eat a healthy diet plus exercise, to make myself more confident and sexxxxy. rawr. 

ciao, xoxo. ü

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