Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gong Cha

tea fit for royalty. ü

I don't want to lag my posts here, so I write my reviews about Gong Cha the sooner as I finished my Serenitea review because I'll be busy tomorrow and for the next few days. Council work. :)

Enough for the other matters, let's get it straight to the point. Gong Cha. Tea fit for royalty. Sounds good. 
I always blog places after I visited them for the 2nd time. The first time I got into Gong Cha is that I thought this was just another tea store, and I will still pick Serenitea after I drank their milk tea with pearl. Because it was the thing closest to the Serenitea's and I am tired of walking from the cinema down to the ground floor.

I obviously jumped into conclusion until now. Me and my beau decided to hang-out at Gong Cha again. :)
Drum roll babies. *drum roll* *bang* XDDDD

Gong Cha branch I always visit.

Gong Cha started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan last 2006. Today, there are 170 outlets worldwide serving bubble tea and elegance. Last May 7, 2011 they opened their first branch at the SM Mall of Asia, making a mark in the tea industry booming in the Philippines. 

Read! :)

They are proud of their House Specials that are really best sellers and are fragrant than other tea that I drank. 

the GC Milk Green Tea

Their true best seller is the GC Milk Winter Melon Tea. Patrons agree with me, it is a perennial best seller so sometimes it is unavailable because of stocks. Earlier it is still unavailable so the staff told me to try the GC Milk Green Tea. IT IS NOT BAD. IT IS SOOO GOOD. I'm overreacting but it's true, the fragrance is strong, but not too disturbing, it enhances the taste of the tea you know. :) Even my beau who doesn't like milk tea, drank the 3/4 of my cup. :"< Haha! He said it was good. He loves Gong Cha already!

Check their House Specials and their descriptions!

Other best sellers, but check their site to see the products clearly. :D

Me and my bf and the tea. XD

In my honest opinion, Gong Cha vs Serenitea? Gong Cha wins. :)) Serenitea only uses selected teas, Gong Cha uses a wide range of teas to mix with milk. And Gong Cha wins for their milk tea. Serenitea is more of modern fun way of tea. In my impression with Gong Cha, it is the tradition, elegeance and the distinctive taste.
I still love Serenitea though, they have a wide range of concoctions, other drinks they offer have even yakult in them. But sorry, Gong Cha stealed our hearts. Don't worry, I'll come back for you Serenitea, when my mood agrees with me. :))))

Gong Cha is my new love!! I hope this would be the last. Para naman may suki nako. Haha!

Notes and Credits!
Gong Cha has 5 branches here (and hopefully counting..) in the Philippines. The one in the pic above is at the Rob Manila 3F in Midtown Wing. Other branches are in Megamall, MOA, North Edsa and Glorietta.
Price starts at P90 (I'm a Large drinker, haha)
Like their FB page! Gong Cha Philippines or visit their website at

Ciao. :) xx.

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