Monday, November 14, 2011

Retro Pop

Let's clap our hands for another what i wore segment on my blog! Hahaha.

When I got tickets to the Rajo Launch, I was only notified last 2 days ago before that night. And I was like, Sht! I didn't expect this! And rambling through my closet was frustrating because I don't have a whole wide range of clothes unlike other people. You know I'm just a jeans and shirt type right?

After that scene, here's my look on that night:

^This is my favorite pose and picture that night!!!^ OWEMG. Was that meee? :)
Another dilemma was the hair. I pony tailed it up so that it won't be a mess, plus no touch ups-messy pony tails are in. :) I felt like I'm a hippie in the 90's because of the hairstyle. Plus the asymmetrical dress that was sooo me. So crazy but structured. It also complements my big figure because the dress was a statement already. Leaving the designs to solve our own little bulgy figure. HAHAHA.
Dress from Thailand / Bag from Egg.
The bag is really in the blue hue of my outfit, plus the green strap it has? Perfect.
Accessories from thrift stores. Shoes from Privileged (@ Robinsons Malls).

I keep minimal accessories for this one, because the dress was a boom. And people will look at my dress first so the dress was in favor for my low supply of accessories. Haha! Oh, the shoes are from Privileged, this is the first heels I got. And its my favorite shoes to abuse. :0 woah. It matches the whole look right? :)

Well, how about my plus one? Jilliane has her own style. She was also notified late, so let's praise her for her emergency skills when it comes to outfits. :))

WAAAH! I'm sorry, I didn't ask Yhan where did she bought her outfits. :))))
I remember the socks reason: added drama effect! Char!!! :)))

We also played as models during the event. Sitting on the visuals was a titillating experience.
I'm thanking Yhan for being a good sport as a photographer. Weeee!
Photos are from me and Jilliane. Sorry again for the photo overload! :)

Vote my outfit in Chictopia! Click Here! Thank you. :)

Keep your thoughts heard. Ciao, xx. :) 

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