Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movies + Gifts.

Stuff toy and Leopard print pouch, Zoobic Safari.

Today, me and my friend Shikina went to watch Breaking Dawn. I was surprised with the movie. It was lightened up than the other earlier series, and it kinda makes it cute. Plus the hot scene, it was sooo hot. Wahahaha. XDD But what I hate about the movie is the transition, argh. One scene then into another without fluidity! C'mon. :))) Oh well. I'm still excited for the Part 2, I know we all are. :D

After movies, we ate, bonded and talked. But Shik has to go home early and since I had time to wait for my hunny from his educational trip, I gladly waited my love of my life wandering around the mall. Hahaha!

But it was worth it. See the cute gifts in the photo? ARGH. I'm bribed. <3 Hahahaha!
And so your royal randomness and her king went to Gong Cha for tea, tried Earl Grey Milk Tea, which was delicious, and bond more. <3

Oh, and what did I wore? I'm in my lazy day so, I'm in shorts and a polo shirt. :D

Spell fun and tired? :)

xx, Kaze.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nikki's Hollywood Glam

I'm sorry for the super duper late post. :< You see, I had looong report, emotional distressed days plus the menstrual cramps I had last Monday. Phew. But now, I'm sooo back. LOL.

Just last week, I went to my co-officer's-cum-friend's debut in Aberdeen Court in QC. The theme was Hollywood Glam. Since I was so excited to wear my new babies (Rajo), I wore it with one of my LBDs, and even though I look so fat with my flabby arms, I just raised my chin up and proud for my...uhh...body. HAHA!

 Whoops body hugging dress.

 I just love the corridor. Sorry. Haha! Look at the chandelier! <3

 Accessories, thrift shops | Black pouch, SM.

 My Rajo x Parisian Shoes!! :)

Recently, I have to tie my hair up do, because of my curly hair problem. The reason that I don't wanna go and rebond my hair is that I want to have a long hair before I want to treat it. So in the meantime, tiis ganda muna ako. Hahaha!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

 Mayen in her Hollywood Outfit. :)

 Ate Deanne and me. Trending ang black on the debut. Tarayyy. :))

 Aleli in her sexyy blue dress.

 Aaaand! With my hunny. :)

Her Royal Hotness. :)

The backdrops were sooo effort much! Bongga! :)

  (L-R): Ate Deanne, Aleli, Kuya Marvs, Nikki, Joryll, Me and Mayen. 

The power student council. \m/

Definitely, it was a blast! Mobile bars, unli photobooth, so much fun! :))

So how did your weekend went? Share your stories random kids.

xxx, Kaze.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Buying the Shoes we LOVE.

This is a pretty new baby, isn't it? :)

Last November 12, me and yhan bought ourselves new heel less shoes that was a crown favorite in the last Rajo x Parisian Shoe Launch. (click the link if you didn't read it). I bought Kylie G Wedges on a closed style. Yhan bought the red one here:

Yes, that one. Hahaha. No hard feelings for me. Though I love scene-stealer shoes. :))

 Yhan's on chic style that day. While me? naaaaah. Hahaha!
I am sooo happy! <3

Share your favorite Rajo shoes! Ciao, xx. :>

Retro Pop

Let's clap our hands for another what i wore segment on my blog! Hahaha.

When I got tickets to the Rajo Launch, I was only notified last 2 days ago before that night. And I was like, Sht! I didn't expect this! And rambling through my closet was frustrating because I don't have a whole wide range of clothes unlike other people. You know I'm just a jeans and shirt type right?

After that scene, here's my look on that night:

^This is my favorite pose and picture that night!!!^ OWEMG. Was that meee? :)
Another dilemma was the hair. I pony tailed it up so that it won't be a mess, plus no touch ups-messy pony tails are in. :) I felt like I'm a hippie in the 90's because of the hairstyle. Plus the asymmetrical dress that was sooo me. So crazy but structured. It also complements my big figure because the dress was a statement already. Leaving the designs to solve our own little bulgy figure. HAHAHA.
Dress from Thailand / Bag from Egg.
The bag is really in the blue hue of my outfit, plus the green strap it has? Perfect.
Accessories from thrift stores. Shoes from Privileged (@ Robinsons Malls).

I keep minimal accessories for this one, because the dress was a boom. And people will look at my dress first so the dress was in favor for my low supply of accessories. Haha! Oh, the shoes are from Privileged, this is the first heels I got. And its my favorite shoes to abuse. :0 woah. It matches the whole look right? :)

Well, how about my plus one? Jilliane has her own style. She was also notified late, so let's praise her for her emergency skills when it comes to outfits. :))

WAAAH! I'm sorry, I didn't ask Yhan where did she bought her outfits. :))))
I remember the socks reason: added drama effect! Char!!! :)))

We also played as models during the event. Sitting on the visuals was a titillating experience.
I'm thanking Yhan for being a good sport as a photographer. Weeee!
Photos are from me and Jilliane. Sorry again for the photo overload! :)

Vote my outfit in Chictopia! Click Here! Thank you. :)

Keep your thoughts heard. Ciao, xx. :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rajo x Parisian Shoe Launch

Hello random kids. :))) I'm so sorry for the super duper delay of the posts. Busy days. Arf.

Last November 9, 2011 was a night to remember.....and to reminisce. :) Of course, it was the Rajo x Parisian Shoe Launch on SMDC. A fun filled night full of cocktails, stars, bite sized foods, you know what I mean. :))

We were sooooo early! Hahaha! We were too excited. But it's okay. The time was well spent on taking pictures of our outfit. Check my next post on this!

Take your pictures in their huuuuge photo wall. Pahuhuli pa ba ang ganda ko? Hahaha! I was surprised when one of the photographers is Kuya Ben. He's my pre-debut photographer! Good thing. :)))) 

Bizu Catering is the one responsilbe for my dessert bulge in my stomach that night. The desserts are delicioso! 
I also met bloggers on that night. Made new friends. Talking about fashion and stuffs. Social parties are meant to meet new people and I did a very good job. Hahaha!

(L-R): Cil, Jilliane, Me, Regina

(L-R): Lycah, Rosanna, Eri, Me

Plus the 2 Mega Magazine Editors we met that night: Ms. Peewee and Ms. Miel. :)

The show started with the Zombettes spinnin' Rajo Laurel's designer clothes of course.

The event started with a Welcome Remark from someone in Parisian Company. I am so sorry I forgot, We were in the Rest Room when the show started! Haha.

Rajo talks about his designs and how he felt when SM wants to collaborate Parisian to his designs.

Praise the heel-less shoe that was a crowd favorite!!!

This one's my favorite really. But Jilliane bought it. :D

Argh. The models are soooooooo tall. XD

The night was also a star-cum-blogger studded!

With Ms. Patricia Prieto

Me, Raymond Gutierrez and Maxene Magalona

Me and Laureen Uy. :)))))) yeaaa for the 2nd time. XD

Me and Vern (Yhan's Fave!)

I won't go home without taking a picture with Rajo Laurel himself! :>

After the unveiling, the guests can buy the limited edition on hand before the whole Philippines can have it! Talk about exclusivity. :))

I will also post my outfit that night. Next post, please! :)

Me and my plus one, Jilliane. :) We were so vain, too bad my camera went on empty batt. HAHA!

One of the model rooms inside of SMDC. 

So that was it! Waaaah. I forgot the other details, I'm so sorry. :) That night, we don't have enough money to buy that shoes we love so we planned to buy those on Sat. (November 12) :) Sorry for the photo overload! :D But I'm sure you loved the pics you just saw, ayt? :)

ciao, xx. :>

P.S. Photo are from Jilliane's cam or mine. It was mixed. Please contact me if you want to edit or get these photos. Thanks. :)