Sunday, October 16, 2011

tina's day + TCB + Music 88

last 10-13-11, me and my girls went out for some fun in the sun. (and night. haha) because on 10-15, its going to be tina's 19th birthday. she has plans on that day so we celebrated it early.

we went to The Coffee Beanery in the West Ave. we just want to indulge our sweet tooth to their unlimited coffee and cakes so we choose to eat there. for only P150, they offer their selected cakes and their original brewed coffee to satisfy your sweet cravings.

photo edited by my friend shikina alca (c) :D

on the picture, its a snicker cake and their own caramel chocolate cake. i suggest that you should't eat that caramel blah. its not caramel, we thought its a liquefied yema. :( try other cakes but not that one. i lost my sweet appetite after eating that, ugh.  they offer their original brewed coffee in hot or cold, we opt for the cold one. the coffee is ordinary, don't expect anything classy or unique, since it is unlimited, it looks like unlimited iced tea (but that it tastes coffee).

don't worry, TCB won't make your money go to waste so look out for their cakes. :) so i suggest this place to everyone. im planning to go back after sembreak. :D

so after the cake eating fest, we went to Mall of Asia for the Zipline experience, but it was raining so we cancelled it and went to Bluewave for Music 88. it's a KTV and you have private rooms for intimate gatherings and other special occasions. for only P85/pax/hour, they guaranteed A/C rooms, high-tech karaokes with wide selection of songs, [from english, OPM, japanese, korean] and a free CD of your voices in selected 10 songs! [this is per hour]. we spent 2 hours there, so doing the math, we got 2 CDs and merely P1,500+ with 1 bucket of antonov vodka and french fries. :D

 photo edited by shikina alca (c)

im still laughing with this pic. i love this! its a perfect place to sing your hearts out with your totally-accepts-your-diva-side friends. hahaha. and i also guarantee fun and bonding even if you're with your family! :)

i love this day. <3 more to come baby. i love my friends. :)

The Coffee Beanery is located at 158 West Avenue, QC, Philippines. They also have other branches in Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Mall, Commonwealth, Pioneer.
Music 88 is located at Bluewave Complex, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay.

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