Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sore throat.

its funny that im blogging for two blog sites at the same time. XD

anyways, i was sick last night. good thing pahinga lang ang katapat. :D oh well, now i'm back to business.
i went to the doctor earlier, he gave me meds that i don't need anymore (joke). i'm feeling better na eh. do i have to take antibiotics pa? bleh.

i have to look for a new smartphone in town. and im torn to which smartphone i'm gonna choose! D: aww.
i'm still waiting for the HTC Rhyme to come here in the PH. oh yess, baby, pls come here nawww. and if i got a new phone, i'm gonna make a review out of it! :)

i still need to sleep early and rest. ciao, xx


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