Saturday, October 29, 2011

right or wrong.


i haven't been blogging for awhile, because of this laziness. making me to grow a mushroom on my couch. phew! its not surprising im getting fat for this semestral break. booo.

i have this dilemma. i always have one.
you see, sometimes, in a part of your life, reality just kicks in. and you think, 'there is no future in this.' or you'd really thought things are perfectly fine until someone sets another question in your brains making you realize, you are just a happy-go-lucky person. or maybe the both of you. (as a couple, maybe)

well, im just 18. don't i have so many time to be one? sigh.

this is a blurry moment. you came from a good date night, and when you come home, your parents just stuck another good sermon. boo. not that i don't appreciated it. i really feel their concerns. but, im not harming anybody with this relationship. who? them? why? why not? ugh. 
its like a boss telling me im just effective not efficient. well, they're not prohibiting me to have one, but the process of having one is the one they don't like. but i don't think that would work for today's generation. sometimes, i get dependent on their perspective and think, yeah, maybe they're right, this wouldn't work out or things will spoil eventually. and think again, yeah, what will happen in the future right? he will still study for med, and im going to jump in the real world, creating my own quarter-life crisis on my own.

thoughts like that sucks.

and so, i am stuck in a black hole, pretending im wrong, well in fact in my honest to goodness opinion, im totally fine. nobody is certain for the future. and yes, i always dream of a good future.

so dear mom and dad, im fine totally. don't be so paranoid. i still respect myself, im not a slut. and i want him to respect me too. so how's that?

this should be a good blog, not a stress reliever blog. lol. i need to pray, for this im sure God will help me on the way. (oh yess, it rhymed!) now that's a good poem. :D

ciao, xx.

btw, tea reviews, anyone? i will have a blast updating in the next few days. yiiihaw!

okay. byeeee. xx.

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