Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's not you..it's me.

nice line up there. it's a cliche word for break-ups. now i understand what that means.

IMHO. it means that he/she really loves you if they want to put all the blame in themselves. plus, stopping the unending hurt they gave you from the moment they started the things they blame themselves for.

so im the one who will be blame if i am dissatisfied.
so im the one to blame if im not happy.
so im the one accounted for getting my own way.
so it's my own fault if i don't understand.

this sucks my ego. i need dozens of constructive criticisms before i can get used to it.

and now i despise myself for hurting other people in my own account. am i that insensitive, too overtly demanding and an emotional girl?

so i am really immature, despite the fact im in legal age. this is a sad realization.
i am dissatisfied because i was too demanding. and that i don't consider things and that i don't understand.

but i tried to understand, yet, emotions betray me. and here comes my being too emotional.
that it is not bad to be emotional, just too much may blur my rational thinking. and that goes to my insensitivity.

in short, im the one to blame! sh*t. oh well. time to change.(?) change? come on, its a part of me. how can i change into someone im not?

he wants me to understand? fine. he'll have his way next time then.
he wants me to be open (open communication)? fine.

fine. fine. fine.

and yet he said he is also accountable for his shortcomings. i said, come on, its also my fault for your shortcomings.

because it's not you..it's me.

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