Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finals and Lying.

one similarity of final exams and guys who lie? they get the frustration out of me.

i have to comment the newspaper i read about guys who lie. that section asked several men why they lie. of course, the reasons were:
  • they don't wanna hurt his partner/other people.
  • dissatisfaction with the relationship and ended up cheating
  • its for the good
  • what they don't know won't hurt
  • they wanted to start a clean slate
blah blah blah. damn. some reasons were illogical. some does have point but i think it will still hurt the one they love.

im not a saint. i do lie. and i have trust issues with myself because someone cheated on me and its difficult to trust another person with my vulnerabilities. no exception. i still do doubt my boyfriend. it gets the hell out of him. sorry. :D one thing i love about my boyfriend is that he understands my paranoia and he assures me that he's not gonna get tired proving himself he's saying the truth. (of course, its a white lie. haha. joke.)
in the relationship, trust is always a big issue. and its a challenge believing no other than your partner [when it comes to your bond]. oh well. i know its a taboo to start a relationship without fixing myself with the emotional baggage from the past, i didn't know i never healed at that part. i realized when it was too late. hahaha. i know it will take time. but trust is still a deal to me. phew.

leaving the trust and lies. i have to review for my final exams this week that will start tomorrow. whoa. i wish this week will end up fast!! :(

gonna miss my blog. ciao!

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