Saturday, October 29, 2011

right or wrong.


i haven't been blogging for awhile, because of this laziness. making me to grow a mushroom on my couch. phew! its not surprising im getting fat for this semestral break. booo.

i have this dilemma. i always have one.
you see, sometimes, in a part of your life, reality just kicks in. and you think, 'there is no future in this.' or you'd really thought things are perfectly fine until someone sets another question in your brains making you realize, you are just a happy-go-lucky person. or maybe the both of you. (as a couple, maybe)

well, im just 18. don't i have so many time to be one? sigh.

this is a blurry moment. you came from a good date night, and when you come home, your parents just stuck another good sermon. boo. not that i don't appreciated it. i really feel their concerns. but, im not harming anybody with this relationship. who? them? why? why not? ugh. 
its like a boss telling me im just effective not efficient. well, they're not prohibiting me to have one, but the process of having one is the one they don't like. but i don't think that would work for today's generation. sometimes, i get dependent on their perspective and think, yeah, maybe they're right, this wouldn't work out or things will spoil eventually. and think again, yeah, what will happen in the future right? he will still study for med, and im going to jump in the real world, creating my own quarter-life crisis on my own.

thoughts like that sucks.

and so, i am stuck in a black hole, pretending im wrong, well in fact in my honest to goodness opinion, im totally fine. nobody is certain for the future. and yes, i always dream of a good future.

so dear mom and dad, im fine totally. don't be so paranoid. i still respect myself, im not a slut. and i want him to respect me too. so how's that?

this should be a good blog, not a stress reliever blog. lol. i need to pray, for this im sure God will help me on the way. (oh yess, it rhymed!) now that's a good poem. :D

ciao, xx.

btw, tea reviews, anyone? i will have a blast updating in the next few days. yiiihaw!

okay. byeeee. xx.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sore throat.

its funny that im blogging for two blog sites at the same time. XD

anyways, i was sick last night. good thing pahinga lang ang katapat. :D oh well, now i'm back to business.
i went to the doctor earlier, he gave me meds that i don't need anymore (joke). i'm feeling better na eh. do i have to take antibiotics pa? bleh.

i have to look for a new smartphone in town. and im torn to which smartphone i'm gonna choose! D: aww.
i'm still waiting for the HTC Rhyme to come here in the PH. oh yess, baby, pls come here nawww. and if i got a new phone, i'm gonna make a review out of it! :)

i still need to sleep early and rest. ciao, xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

tina's day + TCB + Music 88

last 10-13-11, me and my girls went out for some fun in the sun. (and night. haha) because on 10-15, its going to be tina's 19th birthday. she has plans on that day so we celebrated it early.

we went to The Coffee Beanery in the West Ave. we just want to indulge our sweet tooth to their unlimited coffee and cakes so we choose to eat there. for only P150, they offer their selected cakes and their original brewed coffee to satisfy your sweet cravings.

photo edited by my friend shikina alca (c) :D

on the picture, its a snicker cake and their own caramel chocolate cake. i suggest that you should't eat that caramel blah. its not caramel, we thought its a liquefied yema. :( try other cakes but not that one. i lost my sweet appetite after eating that, ugh.  they offer their original brewed coffee in hot or cold, we opt for the cold one. the coffee is ordinary, don't expect anything classy or unique, since it is unlimited, it looks like unlimited iced tea (but that it tastes coffee).

don't worry, TCB won't make your money go to waste so look out for their cakes. :) so i suggest this place to everyone. im planning to go back after sembreak. :D

so after the cake eating fest, we went to Mall of Asia for the Zipline experience, but it was raining so we cancelled it and went to Bluewave for Music 88. it's a KTV and you have private rooms for intimate gatherings and other special occasions. for only P85/pax/hour, they guaranteed A/C rooms, high-tech karaokes with wide selection of songs, [from english, OPM, japanese, korean] and a free CD of your voices in selected 10 songs! [this is per hour]. we spent 2 hours there, so doing the math, we got 2 CDs and merely P1,500+ with 1 bucket of antonov vodka and french fries. :D

 photo edited by shikina alca (c)

im still laughing with this pic. i love this! its a perfect place to sing your hearts out with your totally-accepts-your-diva-side friends. hahaha. and i also guarantee fun and bonding even if you're with your family! :)

i love this day. <3 more to come baby. i love my friends. :)

The Coffee Beanery is located at 158 West Avenue, QC, Philippines. They also have other branches in Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Mall, Commonwealth, Pioneer.
Music 88 is located at Bluewave Complex, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay.


i missed blogging, yes.

so im gonna start tomorrow morning. hell, yeah.
i've got loads of stuff to share. :)

ciao. xoxo. ΓΌ

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's not's me.

nice line up there. it's a cliche word for break-ups. now i understand what that means.

IMHO. it means that he/she really loves you if they want to put all the blame in themselves. plus, stopping the unending hurt they gave you from the moment they started the things they blame themselves for.

so im the one who will be blame if i am dissatisfied.
so im the one to blame if im not happy.
so im the one accounted for getting my own way.
so it's my own fault if i don't understand.

this sucks my ego. i need dozens of constructive criticisms before i can get used to it.

and now i despise myself for hurting other people in my own account. am i that insensitive, too overtly demanding and an emotional girl?

so i am really immature, despite the fact im in legal age. this is a sad realization.
i am dissatisfied because i was too demanding. and that i don't consider things and that i don't understand.

but i tried to understand, yet, emotions betray me. and here comes my being too emotional.
that it is not bad to be emotional, just too much may blur my rational thinking. and that goes to my insensitivity.

in short, im the one to blame! sh*t. oh well. time to change.(?) change? come on, its a part of me. how can i change into someone im not?

he wants me to understand? fine. he'll have his way next time then.
he wants me to be open (open communication)? fine.

fine. fine. fine.

and yet he said he is also accountable for his shortcomings. i said, come on, its also my fault for your shortcomings.

because it's not's me.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finals and Lying.

one similarity of final exams and guys who lie? they get the frustration out of me.

i have to comment the newspaper i read about guys who lie. that section asked several men why they lie. of course, the reasons were:
  • they don't wanna hurt his partner/other people.
  • dissatisfaction with the relationship and ended up cheating
  • its for the good
  • what they don't know won't hurt
  • they wanted to start a clean slate
blah blah blah. damn. some reasons were illogical. some does have point but i think it will still hurt the one they love.

im not a saint. i do lie. and i have trust issues with myself because someone cheated on me and its difficult to trust another person with my vulnerabilities. no exception. i still do doubt my boyfriend. it gets the hell out of him. sorry. :D one thing i love about my boyfriend is that he understands my paranoia and he assures me that he's not gonna get tired proving himself he's saying the truth. (of course, its a white lie. haha. joke.)
in the relationship, trust is always a big issue. and its a challenge believing no other than your partner [when it comes to your bond]. oh well. i know its a taboo to start a relationship without fixing myself with the emotional baggage from the past, i didn't know i never healed at that part. i realized when it was too late. hahaha. i know it will take time. but trust is still a deal to me. phew.

leaving the trust and lies. i have to review for my final exams this week that will start tomorrow. whoa. i wish this week will end up fast!! :(

gonna miss my blog. ciao!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hainanese Delight + The White Hat

I don't wanna start my blog with a food trip post, but since im so excited to post ANYTHING in here. (haha) i decided to share my food trip this week.

Hainanese Delights Restaurant was established in Singapore (so much for its big picture of DNA bridge in Marina Bay as their wallpaper) or Malaysia? (can someone correct me with this? :)). I'm pretty sure its a Chinese Cuisine, Hainan Cuisine to be exact, people from Malaysia and Singapore adapted its cuisine with their unique personal touch.

And so I ate their bestseller, Hainanese Delight (P120, drinks excluded). They offer a rice-all-you-can promo which will make you so full. The chicken is simple, steamed, and fit for what i paid for. Plus the sauce included in the chicken makes the flavors so playful. I love Chinese Cuisine so its a thumbs up for them. :D

Here is the picture of a Hainanese Delight. I included the free soup, a good appetizer. Hahaha.

If you're into filling your stomach with different kinds of chicken cuisine, try them. :D  In terms of service the staffs are attentive, but one of my friend is not that satisfied with the place, she said it was small, but i think its okay. So much for the fast food industry. :)

And so the random kid was full. After eating and a little bit of talking, my friends had to go home immediately, and that makes me and my boyfriend to wander the mall. We decided to go to the White Hat!

White Hat caters Italian Frozen Yogurt. They are so proud of it. Italian yogurt, as they say, is the best yogurt with its freshness and the bright white color that yogurt connoisseurs will love, plus! its 98% fat free. True. I love the taste of their yogurt, its sweet with a kick of sourness of a yogurt.

(on the leftt side: dark choco drops with small kisses and bits of oreo as toppings, i forgot the name. on the right side, they named it as cobbler's hat)

I ordered the one on the left side, i forgot the name, but its cute and i was in the mood for chocolates, haha. (P155 for large) My beau wanted a fruity type so he chose the cobbler's hat.

Yogurt has live, active cultures that promotes good health and happiness plus better digestion for your stomach. (Like Yakult. :D). So I think its good for health conscious people to eat these. I don't believe in fat free foods, carbs makes a person fat so its a no big deal for me. This is much better than California Berry, in my honest opinion.

And so the random kid was satisfied. :) We went home with a smile on our faces, I was happy that day, after 5 debilitating days, my boyfriend and i had a date. we really missed each other. Distance is a powerful aphrodisiac indeed. :D

The White Hat is located at the 4th floor, Robinson's Mall near Midtown Cinema. Price per person: P200 minimum.
For more info, check their site: (and also credits to them) The White Hat

Hainanese Delights is @ Robinson's Mall GF near T.G.I.F. and NBS. Price per person: P200 minimum.
To know more of their resto, check this site (credits to them!): Hainanese Delights