Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hainanese Delight + The White Hat

I don't wanna start my blog with a food trip post, but since im so excited to post ANYTHING in here. (haha) i decided to share my food trip this week.

Hainanese Delights Restaurant was established in Singapore (so much for its big picture of DNA bridge in Marina Bay as their wallpaper) or Malaysia? (can someone correct me with this? :)). I'm pretty sure its a Chinese Cuisine, Hainan Cuisine to be exact, people from Malaysia and Singapore adapted its cuisine with their unique personal touch.

And so I ate their bestseller, Hainanese Delight (P120, drinks excluded). They offer a rice-all-you-can promo which will make you so full. The chicken is simple, steamed, and fit for what i paid for. Plus the sauce included in the chicken makes the flavors so playful. I love Chinese Cuisine so its a thumbs up for them. :D

Here is the picture of a Hainanese Delight. I included the free soup, a good appetizer. Hahaha.

If you're into filling your stomach with different kinds of chicken cuisine, try them. :D  In terms of service the staffs are attentive, but one of my friend is not that satisfied with the place, she said it was small, but i think its okay. So much for the fast food industry. :)

And so the random kid was full. After eating and a little bit of talking, my friends had to go home immediately, and that makes me and my boyfriend to wander the mall. We decided to go to the White Hat!

White Hat caters Italian Frozen Yogurt. They are so proud of it. Italian yogurt, as they say, is the best yogurt with its freshness and the bright white color that yogurt connoisseurs will love, plus! its 98% fat free. True. I love the taste of their yogurt, its sweet with a kick of sourness of a yogurt.

(on the leftt side: dark choco drops with small kisses and bits of oreo as toppings, i forgot the name. on the right side, they named it as cobbler's hat)

I ordered the one on the left side, i forgot the name, but its cute and i was in the mood for chocolates, haha. (P155 for large) My beau wanted a fruity type so he chose the cobbler's hat.

Yogurt has live, active cultures that promotes good health and happiness plus better digestion for your stomach. (Like Yakult. :D). So I think its good for health conscious people to eat these. I don't believe in fat free foods, carbs makes a person fat so its a no big deal for me. This is much better than California Berry, in my honest opinion.

And so the random kid was satisfied. :) We went home with a smile on our faces, I was happy that day, after 5 debilitating days, my boyfriend and i had a date. we really missed each other. Distance is a powerful aphrodisiac indeed. :D

The White Hat is located at the 4th floor, Robinson's Mall near Midtown Cinema. Price per person: P200 minimum.
For more info, check their site: (and also credits to them) The White Hat

Hainanese Delights is @ Robinson's Mall GF near T.G.I.F. and NBS. Price per person: P200 minimum.
To know more of their resto, check this site (credits to them!): Hainanese Delights

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