Monday, September 26, 2011

you prettiest when you're happy.

it's everyone's goal to be happy.
i know its a cliche line, but sometimes, we always forget things that are common to our everyday life, that we needed a reminder of all those things. maybe because it was too much or it was too common.

im having a dilemma about achieving my own personal happiness. i think i forget myself too much.

is it because of love? nah. i can't blame love. maybe possession. i can't blame him, he's my happiness. but since he's also a human, that needs his own personal happiness to feed, i feel unfair for the nth time [because i always take this indifferently]. because he has his own time to have a good time. of course he also gives me such time, but not as enjoyable as his time. oh no. jealousy.

and so, i started to think about ways to get back into the single life i had, the things i enjoyed. i told him that i am not interested going back [to those things], but i felt i needed to go back. he agreed, he also said that i need to find something creative. and so i started this blog today.

i created this last last week, and this is my first post. my first journey leading to my own personal happiness. i hope i'll be lucky this time. knowing that this is my 3rd blog. and i left my multiply for the reasons i don't know. and i am actively reblogging at tumblr. oh well. this is fun. :)

i bet my diary will be mad at me, i'll try to write in my diary plus blogging. owemg. hectic.

i just said too much. GAME ON! :)